I can’t help it.?

When I am a waste?
Qin dissatisfaction:“What do you mean,I feel that I am a waste.?”
“Not this point,I am good to remind you!”
Qin Wu quickly explained。
“Don’t have to remind your reminder,I will do it myself!”
Qin Yu,Then look at Shen Xuan,Say:“bring it on,I have let you have a hand.,You will never die with me.?”
Not dare?
Shen Xuan said directly:“Since you want to try this,Then come on.,I am all you!”
Finish,I have come to one side.,Pull away,Preparation and Qin Wu ratio。
Qin Wu excitedly walked over,Say:“For fairness,I let you hand,This is therefore never problematic.?”
“Need not!”
Who knows,Shen Xuan is a swing,Conscientiously:“You go all your best.,This kind of unwoven thing,I will not do it,Since it is necessary to try,That’s the bright, big.!”
Still so confident?
Qin Yixiao accident,Looking at Shen Xuan,Speaking appreciation:“I really didn’t see it.,You still pay attention,Madness,very good!”
“do not worry,I won’t hurt you.,The most is a little lesson.,Let you know what is true martial art!”
I learned me?
Shen Xuan nodded,“Row,bring it on,I also want to see the real Kung Fu.!”
Finish,Qin is around Shen Xuan,Walking two laps,Start the test and observation before making a hand。
“I am not worried.?”
Lin Tianan is looking at it?,Suddenly a bit strange,Because he saw Lin Wei and Wu Xiu Xiu、Xue Qing three people don’t have any worries,even,Everything is easy。
Are you not afraid of Shen Xuan be played??
“worry about what?”
Lin Wei asked:“Xuan Ge’s skill is so powerful,Why do you worry??”
“Yes,Xuan brother is very strong,Even the tiger, he dares to fight!”
Wu Xiu Xiu is also the same,Faced worship。
“Lin Shu,I will give you a word.,People do not look at,Seawater does not fight,Xuan Ge is not ordinary people,His skills have more?!”
Xue Qing smiled slightly,Non-signal,I started to ridicule.。
She can also see,Lin Tianan can’t see Xuan Ge from the beginning.,A friend,She can’t see it.,I can only use this way to remind Lin Tianan.。
Don’t underestimate people in the world!
People do not look at,Seawater does not fight?
Lin Tianan heard this,There is always a feeling of being humiliated.!
I am also slightly uncomfortable in my heart.,In the devil,His name loudly?,Who dares to talk to him so??
And still a little girl!