During the meeting,Linjiang is full of angry,Snap the meeting table,Subsequent order,“Company name,Immediately apply pressure to the police,Be sure to take the murderer to take the case as soon as possible!”

While all occurs。
Summer of a major suspect,Just sitting on a taxi,Volleying to night charm private club。
For him,All of this happens。
If you are in his character,I am afraid that I will return to Qinghai.,The death of the Jindong family has no relationship with him.。
But this world is not。
He at the time,I didn’t go to my heart.。
In his opinion,Any conspiracy,Just a punch。
But Jin Dong was shot,Still abroad。
If you are around you,Certainly will not let Jindong accidentally。
But still,If there is no such world。
He will not blame the fairy,Under that situation,Even if you do it,There will be no second result。
Can be admitted in summer,Jindong accident,He has an unneashed responsibility。
He has clearly understood,But still don’t want to think deeply,Then stepped into the trap by a ring set.。
“Hey,very good,You have angered me.。”
Looking at the scenery outside the window,Summer is a darkly dark scorpion flashing cold light,The heart is full of murderous killing。
Nightmare,Is a private clubhouse。
Located in Jinling North Suburban City,Mainly faced,Provide a leisure and maintenance of the platform。
Different from the past,From this morning,Night gains have no openness,Noba’s open air parking lot,Only have a few cars parked。
At 7:00 pm,Hua Lana,Summer goes from taxis,Radial walking to the gate。
Go to the door,He looked up at the camera above,Faint,“I am coming。”
Jossimo after ten seconds,Gate pulls a slit,A cold eye looks at him。
“Raise your hand,Slowly walk。”
No nonsense in summer,Lift your handshake。
The gate is slowly opened。
“Do not move!”
Entrust,Welcome to the summer, it is a muzzle that puts a black hole.。
More than 20 strong big men,Get it。
Such a scene,Also displayed in the video of the Hall Hall by monitoring。