Such strength is too mad。

Here,Li Miaozhen、Yang Jian、Changming and other hundred,All face。
“A few ripples?”
“Ten spatial cracks!”
They originally thought that this thousand husband was only a weak chicken in the early days of death.。
never expected,A punch,I actually played the power of God.!
Not secret law,Not secret。
Simple power!
Du Huaiyu was shocked by one leg and went out more than ten steps.,Keathock,The ground on the foot of Xuan Tie rock is broken.。
A large crack spread out。
Du Huaiqi is also a red color,Horn angle overflow silk blood。
Summer stopping,Shake your head,“You can not,Too weak,I will hurt you again.。”
Du Huai’s anger,Anger,Wow’s mouth spurting a bloody water。
The fierce glamorous flame in his eyes is generally jumped.,Then drink,“But it’s just that the sneak attack,We go outside。”
Talk,Turn out,Then jump from the third floor book in the third floor.。
en route,Void,A big gun appears in a palm。
“Down!There is a kind of light is hitting!”
After the ground,He is angry。
call out!
A shadow of electric shot from the third floor。
Summer falls from the sky。
Behind,Li Miaozhen and Yang Jian and others have followed。
Du Huai drunk,Big gun like a whip,Heavy gun shadow,Brought a lot of mist,Will you swallow your body into a piece of snow。
The gun tip is a little cold, and is interlaced.,Like the lightning is generally spread,On the way in the summer,He tears 36 guns。
A cold and ripples are mixed together,Form a shocking light curtain,Summer。
“Du Huai,Cannot!”
“Shun,Du Huai,You are crazy!”