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(fPirate chapter!After half an hour, refresh again!)
(fPirate chapter!After half an hour, refresh again!)
New Year’s next day。
1986January 2nd this day,Anna Atasian parents have temporarily,Want to go to Phoenix, Arizona,Participated in an older funeral ceremony,Anna Tasia also followed,She knows that elder first.。
Chen Linzhi is responsible for arrangeing a plane,Use the car to send them to John·Fitzgerad·Kennedi International Airport。
This family’s New York trip is very happy.,The only regret is to receive the death of your old friend,According to the father of Anna Atas,They serve in the army in the early years.,Then I went to Montana to sway.,Working in a mine。
At the age of 60,Friends and family around me,Anna Tasia’s father said that it is at least a funeral at least every month.,It is not afraid to die.,Advise Chen Linzhi to treat Anna Tasia with elders,Chen Linzhi can only nod to promise。
Don’t say anything else,If Chen Linzhi is not getting married,Then the preferred object is undoubtedly Anna Tasia。
The problem is that Chen Linzhi just ranked among the circle.,An optional target changed more,I http://www.dvjuwr.cn haven’t calm down from huge changes.,A heart is still in the moment。
Alone stay in New York,Chen Linzhi returned to the hotel,In fact, you can drive back to San Francisco.,However, the United Trade Company has a holiday to the 5th,I don’t need him to host affairs after a while for a while.,So he chose to continue in New York.。
Honest,Anna Atas is gone,Chen Linzhi is reluctant to,Some pine tones。
So long,The two have never gone so long.,This time, I have been living together for more than ten days.,Let him feel that life changes,Quite strange feeling,It is not good.,Just not adapt。
2nd night,Chen Linzhi in this no friend Manhattan,Choose to go to the bar alone。
It’s really tired.,No flower intestines,I just want to sit and drink a few cups.,Sleeping in the evening,Then consider what to do tomorrow、When do you http://www.js-stars.cn buy a ticket back to San Francisco?。
New Year’s new weather。
Lucky,US stocks have been going to tomorrow,Formally opened in the morning。
The number in the account is suspended for a few days.,Come on good news,With the end of the year,Each listed company is about to announce the annual financial report,Many trails have flocked to。
Look at the trend of recent days,The opening of the day after tomorrow should rise big,Chen Linzhi sits at the bar to drink wine to see finance economy news,After a long time, I found that my head is not so light.,I just want to continue salty fish.,Since successful financing Microsoft gets 3% original shares,After that, he has been in the perspective of the perspective.,I have a little bit of business.。
Probably just like a holiday,Go back to the company to work,Just starting to lazy slack,This belongs to the nature,Time pushing tens http://www.wei0511.cn of thousands of years,At the beginning, there was no way to work.,It is all being forced by the society.。
Drink whiskey,Sprinkle your head。
Chen Linzhi does not take the initiative to hook it,Instead, there is a beautiful girl to take the initiative to send the door.,A wavy gold hair,Skin white,Look, I know that most of them come from Nordic Region.。
Not a few words,The other party will take the hand on his shoulders.,Inquiry, I want to drink cup of coffee。
Know this time,Chen Linzhi affirmed that she did engage in special occupations,I really don’t have a big charm.,I didn’t bring money with myself.,Meat does not work。
Girl turns over white eyes,Rapidae left,During the period, I haven’t forgotten the Gang Zhi Huas.。
Wave is not surprisingly in Manhattan for two days。
Wait until all companies re-work,Chen Linzhi went to the place where Goldman Sachs Headquarters,Find a financial manager responsible for your business,Information about a pile of potential investment goals。
Like the media optimistic expectation,In a piece of shouting,On the 4th day,The stock market really rises。
Last year, the US dollar fused,With the hot money,New order in the stock market,Dollar vertical pressure is released,Investors began to consider benefits,For example, processing manufacturing、Retail consumer industry,The plate increased by up to two%,Mainly, I think that the competitiveness of American companies in global trade competition is,Employment form will gradually improve,People have money in their hands,The retail consumer industry will also follow the boat。
Wal-Mart rose,Nike small rising,Haven’t got it yet“Stockhen”The title of Buffette managed by Buffett·Hathaway Company,The increase is equally considerable。
US profit,Drafter the stock market by his position,Chen Linzhi’s only change is to spend five million dollars.,All used in investment Sony,This money is intended to buy a luxury home in New York.,Temporarily give up the idea of buying a house。
from“Entrepreneurship”Past“Invest”Change,The result is that Chen Linzhi is extremely easy,Almost no pressure。
I bought the ticket in the afternoon.,Take the first half of the evening, rush back to San Francisco,He first found Newman and Roger and others.,Hold a cigar salon to drink alcohol,Yin 蜇 has returned to Hong Kong City to continue working。
Chen Linzhi discovered that he had to live in the life of Newman.,The cigar party complained during the time, I don’t know what should I do.,Almost causing anger。
Have a group of wine,Friends with call,Taste。
On the 10th, Newman has set a bureau.,During the holiday, he has been hooking a few flat models.,Come to his home to continue the mad party,Play up a strip poker,Only in the last underwear。
Hate,Chen Linzhi salted fish to the end of the month,One counted account found that the single profit from the stock market will be nearly 2 million US dollars.。
He felt that you can’t continue this way.,Take over the old life in advance,So, in the darkness of the dark,Start investigation from Silicon Valley startup,Especially the network service field and personal computer hardware supporting related industries。
Said that the mall is like a battlefield,Even the battlefield is impossible to fight every day,At this1986January of the year,It is Chen Linzhi’s empty window,Participate in a party every day,Play almost forgot your home number。