Pingdu at two o’clock in the middle of the night,Appears extremely quiet。Occasionally there will be a car running quickly,Or come to the distance with the windKTVSinging。Wang Youfa frustrated,Walking alone on the street,He was thinking about the scene just now。More than four thousand yuan!In a blink of an eye it went into someone else’s pocket,He’s really regretful。

Go back to my Santana car,Wang Youfa gradually understood,He fell in the way of others tonight,This is called fairy jump。Thought of here,The resentment suddenly arises,He started the car,Drove until it stopped under a big tree not far from the city government。
Until the sound of the cleaner cleaning the road in the morning,Wang Youwa woke up in shock。He looked at the watch,I think it’s still early for Wang Youdao to go to work,He fell asleep for a while。
Suddenly someone knocked on the glass window,Wang Youfa hurriedly opened his eyes and took a look,The one standing outside the car is not someone else,It’s his brother Wang Youdao。
“Why are you sleeping here?Is there something?“Wang Youdao asked in surprise。
Wang Youfa pushed open the car door and jumped down,He said extremely unbalanced in his heart:“I want you to respond to something“
“Really,What can you do,And stuck in the street“Wang Youdao looks disapproving。He is now the deputy mayor of Pingdu,The way of speaking is very different from before。
Wang Youfa looked at his brother a little helplessly,When the words came to my mouth, I swallowed again。Wang Youdao shrank when he saw his brother talking,I knew he was unspeakable,He glanced at his watch and said:“Come to my office and talk!But you have to move this car,Otherwise the traffic police will fine you“
Wang Youfa drove the car forward for forty-five meters,I found a parking space on the side of the road and stopped,Ran over and followed Wang Youdao into the municipal building。
Just walked into Wang Youdao’s office,Wang Youdao closed the door first,Then he said bluntly:“What’s the matter,Tell me quickly,I’ll have another meeting in a while“
Wang Youfa bit his teeth,So I took what happened last night,Tell Wang Youdao from beginning to end。Wang Youdao,Slapped the table angrily:“What do you say i say you?You can do this kind of thing,If this spreads out,Does the old Wang family still have a face??“
“Don’t say good things,Anyway, it’s just one thing,You have to avenge me“Wang You whispered。
Wang Youdao stared and roared:“revenge?Revenge?You think my mayor is here to deal with these bad things for you?Don’t even think“