“If you come to the leadership,Do you help me lay the cover?,Just say you let me come,I just don’t help to pour the water.,Can you not help this time?。”

Voice is just,The footsteps arrived before the book.,People flash,Yang Kai came in。
Half-day Huang An An,Seeing instant http://www.eddanet.cn expressions,Yang Kai she knows,Last time I have seen it at the bar.,Know that he is a king friend,And she thinks she is also a friend with the king.,rounding,This is also a person.。
Unfortunately, she hasn’t waited for her more.,Another one has been tightly followed by Yang Kai.,See a moment of cleaning,Huang Anan suddenly pupil,Face slightly white,The conclusion puts out a standard etiquette posture,Friendly greessing:
Sound is soft,Winter attitude,Histeore, I didn’t have a big cut when I was faced with the king.,Smart like a kitten。
Wang traffic looks slightly,Is this heart??
Yu Lihua looked at her,Accidental:“Huang Anan?How are you here??”
“Manager Wang said that I have something to find,I came over and see。”Huang An An Xinyi explained a sentence。
Yu Lihua brow wrinkled,Puzzle:“Wang http://www.361robot.cn Manager?Which Wang Manager?”
“Just this king。”Huang An’an weakly 瞟 眼 流,It’s squeezed with him.,Signature he helps cover。
Unfortunately, there is no waiting for the king.,Yu Lihua said that he was very tone.:“This is the chairman of our chairman,Where is Wang Manager?。”
“King、Total Wang?”
Huang An An instantly widened,Tight,Don’t confuse your face,Desperate,Be careful:
“you、You are our chairman?Do not、Not a manager??”
“That is what you have been thinking。”Way。
Looking at her stunned expression,I am a little bit of an impact on my heart.,Pull out the fire in the mouth,Then I greeted the Yellow An’an,I just didn’t slow the god yet.,Still look at him。
Pair,Speechless,Twilight,Wang traffic is not good:“Why,Come and help me。”
“what?Oh oh……”Huang Anan reaction,Hurriedly,A touch,Sudden face,Weak road:“I、I have no fire。”
Yang Kai did not hold back,I laughed on the spot.,掏 出 火 火,Good hand to her:“I have got,give,Hold。”
Huang An An,吧 嗒 着,Congratulations to the king,Help him some smoke。
Wang traffic takes a bite,Then spit it on her face.,Like smiling:“Small yellow,You can’t see this eye.,My smoke is out.,I also saw you,Is it not obvious enough??
Don’t use me to speak,You should take the initiative to help me,But what about you??
you have not,Also let me remind it to,How can you do this??
A little said,You may be directly guilty of the company’s largest leadership,Bigger,You may be missing a good opportunity to slap a horses,Furthermore, the arm of flying yellow Tengda。
Be unfortunate?
Not regret?
Pay attention to it later,Learning point。”
“Cough……”Huang An An two coughs,Listening to the king,Suddenly a little shy,This is not what she taught by her.?Now I am still coming back by him.,Think about it, I still complain, I will not cover him.……
Yang Kai and Yu Lihua don’t understand the matter.,I have a bit of understanding,I thought the king is dissatisfied with her.。
Yu Lihua quickly urged the road:“Huang Anan,Give Wang to always recognize a mistake,I just said that Wang always find you.,I think you are lazy.,No wonder I haven’t seen you for a while.,It turns out that you are hiding here.。”
Huang Anan,A small expression of a poor Baba,Be both grievances,A little guilty,It’s really discovered.,How can you。
“never mind,A little bit,Noticeable,Just now, I call her.。”Wang Flow opens to help her。
Huang Anon is happy,Tongwang flows to a grateful gaze。
Wang traffic mouth angle,Look to Yang Kai Road:“How do you find together??”