Impress,Chen Linzhi with a basket of buying fruit,Go to the apartment to help rent for a few months。

Knock on the door,Found is a half-boy open door,Chen Linzhi went to the hospital to see him,Laugh and ask:“Your disease is good,still remember me?I will come over today and see your sister.,Where is her people??”
“go to work,Shopping shoes,It is necessary to come back at 5:30 in the afternoon.。”Boy is not impressed by Chen Linzhi,Stand at the door,Lookout。
Chen Linzhi looked at the watch,This is only two o’clock in the afternoon.,Then ask:“Which mall she is??Not let her feel at ease?,How to run out to work,You take the fruit into it.,I am going to find your sister yourself.。”
“……Her college entrance examination,The results have not yet been announced,I need a lot of money,My tuition fees also have money,Buy more money。”
Boy,Mouth money money,I am afraid that the days are forcibly.,Know the importance of this stuff。
Chen Linzhi’s first time with Horseshore,At that time, money was working in the clothing factory of the Horseman.,Later, Chen Linzhi gave her a money to your brother.,This matter has not mentioned the younger brother.,Sorry。
People’s life faces and economic conditions,Boy clothes clean,But some old,Most people on the streets are also,Who can have a motorcycle is quite powerful?。
This house belongs to a state-owned enterprise,Workshop。
Toyota off-road vehicle borrowed by Chen Linzhi stopped downstairs,Take a moment,Some people start their pointing,Seven mouth eight tipping people who drive such a good car,More money than the factory long。
Auntie open the door,I saw Chen Linzhi.,Turn the door,Lighter in your mouth。
She can’t wait to tell my daughter,The beautiful girl who lives in the opposite side really has a catty.,Otherwise how can you have money to rent them here??I feel that it is nothing more than the rich man,Hug to the thigh,Qing Yus, did not introduce the money to the home of the family,Thought of smart,Be quite proud。
A factory 100 people,No one knows who is home。
Qian Yu sister, two of the factory,She is very beautiful.,I have already caused many rumors.,The leaders in the factory lying guns,There is also an envious woman who came over.,Just because of your own man boast money。
This seems to be,Chen Linzhi, I first helped to find a good house.,Instead, it is good to do things.。
Although it is only 30 years,Now and future social atmosphere is very different,So Chen Linzhi feels uncomfortable every time.。
Chen Linzhi saw money her brother to die,Don’t tell yourself where she is going to work?,Laugh:“I really know with your sister.,I met her in the clothing factory, I met.,Let her don’t go to work at home,Also my suggestion。You see my US passport,Big old, running over, can not be a bad person.,You go to the hospital to move surgery,I still have seen you.。”
The boy has never seen a passport from a small to the big.,See the above,Don’t know,Curiosity:“You are really a ghost of the US?Why don’t you say foreign words”
Chen Linzhi suddenly,Don’t know how to pick this,Hardship:“Some people speak Chinese abroad,Chinatown knows,Later, it is called the white devil,Don’t be so embarrassed to follow me.,My yellow porn heart……”
NS170chapter Stall
I can’t see how much good car on the road.,Even if it is a rotten street, Santana has not officially put into production in the Mainland.,Who can take a driver’s license、When a bus driver,Can envy,Especially in some remote small towns。
talent1985year,Compared with the evil US emperor,The per capita income of the mainland is really less。
This leads to emergence“Beautiful blowing”,Fighting force“known”It is too much to be too much,Some experts have experienced,Shake a variation to Saint Seiya,Look at the mainland, not pleasing。
How long does it take to reform and opening up?,I have been hitting the landing molecule of the ground suddenly emerged.,Everyone people look towards money,Go out of planning economy,Aware of the importance of the material life level。
Age,A group of employees who have made steel in more than ten years ago,After Chen Linzhi, I started to play infinite imagination.。
Young people almost know that this building lives money,What is it?,Faceful,More people 津 津 道,Relying on imagination to start rumors,For example, Qian Wei’s neighbor of the door。
Chen Linzhi still does not know his arrival,Will have such a big impact,Undefraction of the sacred status of the car in the eyes of the car,There are about two or 30,000 yuan to be so high。
Money brother,His soft grinding,Thick face, big side, admit that he is eating American steamed bread grows up,I finally use the little guys to the curiosity of the foreign devil.,Ask the place where the money is working。
Drive to the Hong Kongzhou Fashion Shopping Mall,Asked the road talent to find the direction,All road turtle speed。
I finally saw a lot of slogans,Write“Money can not earn ten years,Book can not be read every day””、“Newlyweds can’t forget to give birth to the cave”such as,Time characteristics,Probably like the second decade of the 21st century,Go to visit and still have a comprehensive open-out North Korea。
Fortunately, Chen Linzhi is not the first time.,So feel fresh,But no more strange,It seems that other places are moving forward,Stocked in the local area for decades,As for San Francisco and Hong Kong City、Tokyo and other places,It is not much different from him.,Earlier has entered the development of developed countries and regions。
1982Opened fashion mall,It is the integrated shopping mall of the first franchise clothes in theizi.,Today, Thursday,There are also many pedestrians in the mall.,Full glass cabinet,A small stall。
More than a dozen dollars a leather pants,Couple of two pairs of socks,After reading, Chen Linzhi felt the development of China high-end clothing industry,It is estimated a bit market,Strive to catch up in front of people,Let the brand image deep into the heart,Maybe I can lying down and earn money.。
He is a clothes,It is expensive than the goods on more than a dozen billets.,said with no exaggeration,The entire Guangzhou City is better than him.,I can’t find a few times,If the exchange rate is calculated according to the black market,That’s less,Individual households have just started to do business,Still belong to a fresh thing。
What is superior,It’s now,Pleperso Jingjianglong。