Jin Hong and Yang Shan are dark。

Seeing Wang Lin still have to say,Yang Shan http://www.yelangedu.cn rushed,“The Wang brother said so good,Take our curiosity,Don’t go in and see?”
“Hahaha,sure,Seek,Please,Please come in。”
Wang Lin is enthusiastic,Full face。
Next,Five people enter the spacious mine。
Each mine in the cave extends out,Four-way eight up to。
Under Jin Hong and Yang Shan,Come to an extremely spacious stone room。
“Two directors,This is our smelting room……”Push the door to enter the stone room,Suddenly a heat wave。
Look at,The room is very large,Foot enough to accommodate more than 1。
Three directions in stone room,I have three huge furnaces, respectively.。
More than ten miners are busy,The original mine of the mining is put into the Ding furnace,Rehabilize the cohesial array of Ding furnace to refine the ore refining。
The purple ore is extremely rare,Requires the total amount of http://www.industrialgloves.cn grinding discs,Can refine a finished product of rice grain size。
The general manager named Jin Hong frowned。
“Only three stovers,Too little,Also too slow,How much does it cost for a month?,We have acquired the same chicken ribs,Fundamentally not we need。”
Yang Shan also revealed that the color,“Summer mine,Only three trips,Even if the load is not stopped at night,One day’s output is not reached200Grain。”
What is her?,“Such low yield,We are only afraid that they can’t give too high prices.。”
Summer mouth hooked a touch radio。
He does not understand business,Many more。
Naturally, the price of compaction。
Go on,“Two directors,Mine just working,The accumulated original mine is not rich,Therefore, the smelting stove has been temporarily less.。”
Paused,Swift,“but,I have been arranged to be ready to expand it here.,A few days later,It will increase the scale of twenty distant furnace。”
http://www.hzdh-mobilehome.cn The total tube named Jin Hong,Ridicule,“Summer mine,It seems that you really don’t understand the mine operation.,Even if you add twenty stovers,Can your mining amount??”
Summer smiles,“Of course you can follow。”
Jin Hong laughed,No more。
Yang Shan is still exposed to the expression of smiling,It’s just that the bottom is in the depths.。
Wang Lin, couples。
Before Jin Hong and Yang Shan before,Summer said with them,To add a smelting stove。
The two also said that similar words。
But the summer did not listen to it.,Let the two rest assured,Said that he has its own way。
Nowadays,Directly exposed his childish and ignorant。
……After reading the smelting site,Several people rusted the deepest mining scene。