as expected,In the game, two event personnel appeared in“Contest registration channel”in,After registering the information,Penalties were made as follows:

“Hellhorse team membersID:Hell horse.Sorrowful,Because of disrupting the order of the game,Suspected of intentionally hurting others,Banned3Field punishment!If you repeat,Will be banned1year!”
“Hehe,So happy!”Zhao Ping gloated。
at this time,Feng Xichuan made a gesture to Lu Yi“V”Word gesture,Show that my trick succeeded,Lu Yi also understands tight,Although Feng Xichuan’s character Er Ma Pingchuan in the game has a blue nose and a swollen face,But in the real world he himself is intact,Intersect,Maybe it’s only the fool who can be fooled!
The cost of violence in the game,Always too low,Many people can’t distinguish between games and reality,Confuse the two,Made a very low-level mistake。In Feng Xichuan’s words,“In the game,You can hit me,Can kill me too,But it doesn’t prevent me from returning to reality,Clubbing and picking up girls to enjoy life!”
But what he said is not all right,Take Feng Xichuan, who Zhang Song knew,At least he has no sister paper in his life,There is only one who will never leave“Five girls”。
Gui Jianshou was kicked and left the crowd by the captain of the Hell Horse team,Don’t mention how wronged that expression is。Before he left, he did not forget to look at Feng Xichuan with resentment,It’s a pity that Feng Xichuan didn’t tighten his smile,I accidentally hurt my fragile heart and hit the fragile heart。
Far away at this time,Guo Yinzhe who did not join the line,Surrounded by a group of female players,Even if the ghost passed by, it did not affect the female players’ interest in him。
“Nice little brother,Are you also here for the Challenger Cup?”A proud one,The beautiful player with red lips poked his hair and asked。
“I came here just to participate in the competition……”Guo Yinzhe sorted out his blue top hat。
“People are still very civil!It’s very gentle to hear!”Another girl with short silver and purple hair exudes a lovely youthful atmosphere。
In front of a group of girls, Guo Yinzhe sneezed three times in a row。