“When is it??”

Li Zi Tan is of course not to be high,But she also knows,In this world, there is no absolute safe place.。Only the power is obtained,Stand in a height,Can you get relative security?。
Just like someone who has made autism,Do not talk,Stay in a sealed http://www.dylsbz.cn space,I am safe.。But is that true security??
Gao Bao is still in yourself,Really“Safety”,Also comfort,I can see every day.。However, Gao Biyi can’t consolidate your right.,So,This security and comfort,I will dissipate it sooner or later.。
“After processing, after the high and Gao Rui is,I will go to Jing Jing.。Then……”Think of the wall,Thinking of women may also be bad,Because they are also selfish。
Gao Biyi did not continue to say,Just a sigh:“Then look at when I can come back.。”
Opinion,It is very likely that it will not come back to the New Year.。Because Beesheng invasion,After autumn harvest, it will be obvious.,Almost at any time,And now you can see some signs.。
Just now very cheerful and warm atmosphere,Instant cold。Gao Biyi took Li Shi Tan Guangwei Shoulder Road:“Now I have only one road,Can’t go,Can’t look back,I will see you in the future.。”
Hear,Gao Bao is going to do something right away.,this matter,It is very likely to be in the future of future。
“You know,Alang is careful,Ningcom is slow。We are still very young.,Also solved。”
In fact, Gao Baoyi wants to tell her.,time flies,Young is indeed countless possibility,Once you miss it“Key step”,So later live more,Also do not help。
“Um,I will definitely be careful。”
Gao Bo Yihe I nodded,He is now like this,Even if you don’t agree,Will not reject the goodwill of others。
“correct,Lady of Gao Wei,It looks quite a person,or……You have received it over?”
Li Shi suddenly remembered this,Using the elbow, the top of the top of the best。
“What to do?Get playing with you?”
“Mahjong?”Li Shini also heard a strange word。
“Don’t care about those details,I mean,Mrs. Hua,No benefits,This matter,Do it。”
Why can’t you do it??
Because once this mouth is opened,So the family,It will be like a shark to smell bloody.,Continuously send women to Gao Bi!
You have received all widows,I don’t want to have a beautiful yellow flower big woman.?You can’t afford me.?
Then I’m endless.。
So just don’t open this mouth.。
“actually,I have this kind of thing,Not very careful。”
Although Li Shini said,But listening to Gao Baoyi said no woman,Her heart is still very useful。
“Although you don’t care,But you should be very interested in essays.。”
“like……makes sense。”
http://www.art0373.cn Li Shini sighed,Where is the marriage in the world?,It is the complex relationship between two families.。
NS1140chapter game rules(Down)
Yucheng has such a big thing,The Qizhou Border Juna General Gao Rui actually took the border army to the outer suburbs.,Mount!
The court has actually“Know nothing”。
If it is not an altitude, it is ready.(I don’t discuss how he knows in advance.),So now the central ministers of Yucheng,Pole is possible to move one by one。
How horror,How is it cold and chestnut?!
so,To open a meeting,I have to discuss how this thing happened.,What does Gao Rui do this?,There is also,Yucheng died so many people,Even the highness is dead“marauders”Knife。