If you don’t leave, you will go down against the blood.。

Blood magic lifts your arms,Hard-student empty hand。
But the object of the black-handed white blade it is wrong.。
Its power can indeed block this ax,But that is, instant,Yu Bo directly cut the right arm。
Blood demon,Continuous retreat。
It stares at the broken arm,Following the blood mist in the surrounding blood started on his broken http://www.mychalk.cn arm,Then a bloody hand is growing again.。
Lin Xiang,Happy。
This magic is so simple to die.,He will be some disappointed。
“山 劫。”
Ten ax together。
Every ax has a 霹雳。
偌 The big blood valley is roaring through the ax。
Blood magic blocks three or four ax,The back ax is fierce falling,Seven zero-seven-zero falling in an instant。
despite this,It is not dead。
Instead, with a strong blood mist, a strong blood mist,。
Lin rang stares at the body that is gradually combined.,Suddenly, what did you feel?,Fierce,I saw the blood of the blood and began from the sky.。
It accurately falls on the blood of the blood。
兽 兽,Let the blood devil make a burst of scream。
“you,Why do you help this person??”
“Do not,Do not。You are the town of the serum,Can’t violate the wishes of the owner。”
These four http://www.rfqtf.cn Yuan Yingqiang’s respective shouts are desperately screaming。