People’s comments: high-grasp of politics

Speaking of politics can’t talk on the paper, air-speaking slogans, but to implement the party and national work. Not long ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the eighth meeting of the Central Finance and Economic Commission. The meeting pointed out that the key to "two maintenance" should be reflected in action, to enhance the awareness of the purpose, establish the right political performance, and the high grasp of politics. This requires the majority of cadres to put political transformation into the power of officers, and put the deployment of party central decision-making deployments. Good policy is not implemented, it is also a paper empty world, and good decisions will not be effective.

In reality, some work is not in place, do not exclude some objective factors, but more or subjective understanding is not in place, and there is no high grasp of politics. Look at the leading cadre is not talking about politics, can you do "two maintenance", can’t just see the material, but to see the highly grasps of politics, can you really touch hard, dare to grasp , Can solve the problem and open a new bureau. For leading cadres at all levels, they must be more important, and they must be more important. The purpose of the awareness is reflected in the real-drying, and the correct political performance is penetrated into the business entrepreneurship. Falling effect.

Grasping the focus on effectiveness, and the key to see if there is a goal of developing policies. Speaking of political key to see as a result, implement the party’s central decision-making deployment, not only to see anything, but also to create something, achieve the goal of developing policies.

For example, under the context of the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, overturbed the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and economic and social development, measure the implementation effectiveness of the localities, and to see the effect of the epidemic prevention and control, the rehabilitation of rehabilitation, and so on.

Target the target when developing policies, measures the implementation effectiveness, specifically, specific, operable indicators.

What is the work of thinking about it, what is the goal, and it will truly carry forward the spirit of nails and put into a small decline in various policies. Grab the implementation, but also put the major decision-making departments made by the Party Central Committee into specific policies and regulations, strengthen coordination between sectors, and enhance strategic consistency. From the horizontal, my country has a wide range of people, which requires a variety of things to have a difference, which requires local party party committees and governments to translate the policies for the purpose of using the policies of the policies in the framework of the party’s central decision-making deployment, and adjust it according to the actual operation.

From a longitudinal direction, all departments have professional fields, functional division of labor, and major decision-making deployments made by the Party Central Committee are often related to the overall situation, involving different departments, which requires various departments to break the barriers, better achieve coordination, formation A good situation in the country, together, and jointly grasped the implementation of a good situation. Grab the implementation, but also set up workstation, timely book, improve the assessment mechanism, and do a good job in the implementation of major decision-making and deployment. Grasping the implementation is a system engineering, which must have a top-level design on the system, and also have a pragmatic specific operation, effective working mechanism. Establish a work desk, one check, it will be implemented in one by one, in order to prevent air failure, avoid deformation, improve the assessment mechanism, adopt third-party objective assessment, the masses represent the on-site evaluation, superior agency spot check review, etc., can eliminate Self-calling, closing the car; do a good job in the implementation of major decisions, in order to provide institutional protection for the implementation of implementation. This year is the year of building a well-off social goal. It is a comprehensive winning year, and the influence of the epidemic, the task of work is more important, and the challenge is even greater.

In this context, it is more important to complete the established goals and the meaning of implementation is more important.

Leading cadres at all levels can be implemented from politics, and truly put the party’s decision-making deployment to the implementation of the party’s decision-making, it will provide a solid support for economic and social development.