Pay close attention to "five in place" Hengfeng Bank Chongqing Branch High Quality Convening Party History Learning Education Special Topics

A few days ago, Hengfeng Bank Chongqing Branch focused on the theme of "learning party history, understanding, doing real things, opening new bureaus", "five in place" to guide 17 Party branches to guide "Ming, Improvement, Chongde, Power" The ideological foundation, high quality convened themeal organizational life meeting, promoting party history education and education The material is prepared "trial" in place, and it is too casual. Starting from the place, issuance of a special organizational life conference, clear working tasks, specific requirements, time nodes, etc. Established 2 special supervision teams, branch members of the party members of the Party Committee, 36 guidance to study, review problems, and write control materials. Party members’ personal inspection materials were reviewed by the Party Committee of the Party Committee of the Party Committee of the Party Committee of the Party Committee of the Branch Secretary of the Party. At the same time, through note, test paper test, fast question, etc., to test the results of the learning results, and organize life will lead the ideological foundation.

Talking about the "Say" in place, force to change in the form. Adhere to the "four must talk" requirements, the branch secretary took the lead in talking about talking, guiding party members through a variety of forms, sincerely communicating their minds, integrity exchange of opinions, and smashed their minds, to find the problem, and dispel the problem. On the basis of doing a good job of talking, the party branch of the two river branch, through the questionnaire survey, visiting the customer, seeking the work style, the institutional business development, for the people’s service level, to organize life will be fully prepared .

The "Theory" in the chasting problem is in place, and the force is "蜓 水" does not go deep.

Focus on "thought, responsibilities, style", focus on the party’s innovation theory, in response to the initial mission, and control the party constitution Party context, in accordance with the advanced character deeds, "the" big discussion "in the" big discussion implementation opinion " The target task checks the problem, and the "transformation of thinking and breaking the wind" is written in 143 copies. The third party branch is actually practical, difficult to point, pain points, plugging points, targeting the problem of unstable public deposits, etc. Question, and establish a question desk account pin system.

Self-evaluation and mutual evaluation "point" is in place, and there is no principle that

Perseveraging the dynamism, "a hand" takes the lead in organizing life meeting with ordinary party members, and accepts criticism with the frankness and courage to "shoot me", strictly implement the "first form", insist on pending facts, tell the truth The Party Branch Secretary reported that the parties of the Party branch, the party members spoke one by one, self "bright ugly", dare to "bright sword", do not put "empty gun", self-criticism open the mountain, mutual criticism, the disadvantage, the disadvantage of the style, The scale of the behavior is a big investigation, big maintenance, great cleaning, reaching the "red face sweating, treatment of sickness".

The implementation of "do" is in place, and force "paper talk" does not act. The implementation of rectification is an important content and key initiatives that enhance the quality of work. The branch party committee attaches great importance to the implementation of rectification, and requires each branch to pull out the list, listed the sales number, do a good job in rectification, regularly check the implementation of rectification, and the party branch "The form of" the problem "is once again" pulsed the pulse ", and the root item is taken one by item. Establishing the "Party Branch Star Construction" list of standardized standardization work mode, the assessment of the problem, establishing a problem, establishing a problem rectification account, and formulate rectification measures one by one for the 46 issues of the foundown, layered In the later stage, the intension of the support of the support of the branch in the later period, further supervisor, teaching methods, and implementation, typical trees. (Yuan Jiaxin).