[China Net Review] New Crown Epidezoi is letting the United States become "failure country"

  June 2020 US Culture magazine "Atlantic Monthly" published an article "We live in a failed country."The article mentioned that "Americans woke up every morning, found them into citizens of failure countries. Without national programs, there is no guidelines for the whole country."Failure countries, originally used by the US diplomatic community to refer to the third world country that caused the government inadvertently leading to collapse.

However, since the emergence of neoopy pneumonia epidemics, the world’s number one strong country has become like a failure country.

  Democratic system, federal system, etc. The United States has been proud of the past, and the political system that has helped to market to market now has repeatedly exposed its drawbacks and become the largest embarrassment of the US anti-vulced. The first is the "political draft war" between the two parties dragged down the epidemic prevention, in the early days of the epidemic, former President Trump, in order to make a good choice in the election, repeatedly neglect the epidemic warning, delighted the risk of the epidemic; the Democrats The main states are keen on "mouth", and there is no way to act in the actual anti-v.curgy.

The two parties will be warned on the anti-vulnotence, so that the US society misses the "gold window period" for the first wave of epidemic prevention and control.

  The decentralized system between the federal government and the state governments allows the unified anti-vlorative initiative.

All states in the implementation of the home order and travel isolation order, the two parties are in the nucleic acid detection, wearing masks, emergency bails, etc., and take each other.

Whether in the federal, state and local levels, it is still full of the ugly farce of the party struggle between administration, legislation, and judicial departments, and the lives of the American people are discarded by politicians.

According to the data released by John Hopkins University this month, as of the day, the US cumulative new crown confirmed more than 36 million cases, accounting for 18% of the world’s more than 200 million diagnosed cases; the number of deaths exceeds 10,000 deaths. 14% of the world’s 43 million deaths. In addition, Columbia’s university disease researchers showed model analysis. If the US government issued the epidemic prevention measures released on March 13, 2020, the United States has a life of 10,000 people in the United States. .

  If the restrictions of the anti-v.fuses caused by the party balance and the decentralization system, the US government uses the epidemic to shoot money, and a series of practices to expand the gap between the rich and the poor can be called the "fire robbery" of the power.

In March last year, the Fed History has unprecedentedly implemented unlimited currency loose policies, from which the dollar printing machine has opened "crazy" printed mode.

Since the beginning of 2020, the balance of Treasury bonds in the United States has increased trillion, reaching trillion, and is the double of 2020 US GDP.

According to the "Today, the United States" website reported on December 1, 2020, the US 614 billionaire collective net assets surged $ 931 billion during the epidemic.

But at the same time, the poverty rate of the United States has risen rapidly from the% in June 2020 to November in November.

The epidemic has become a means of robbing the poor in the United States and the emperor of the emperor, and has become a catalyst for the American social racial contradiction. Summer 2020, the American black man Freud was "kneeling" in the Armed Police, which triggered a large-scale protest against racial discrimination in the United States. Some data show that since the new crown epidemic has been in the United States, colored people have higher mortality and unemployment rates than whites, but in the vaccine coverage is much lower than whites.

The appearance of the epidemic allows the world of American society to continue to the white people. Moreover, it is endless in the past year in the past year for Asian discrimination.

According to the statistics released by the non-profit organization "Stop the Heroes Asian and the Pacific Island Alliance", from March 20020 to March 2021, the alliance received 6603 Asian event reports.

The report of the Ministry of Justice in the California also said that in 2020, the state was doubled for Asian hatred crimes. The US government faces the continuously inactivated racial conflicts in China, and the conflict of class is unable to force, and the epidemic continues to spread and the people have lost their lives. This will show a "failure country" image. However, in the big "vaccine nationalism", he is responsible for "锅" to the country, and the United States has worked hard.

New crown epidemic is a common challenge for all mankind, so all countries in the world should unite and have extensive cultural resistance. China has joined the "New Crown Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan" (COVAX), as a public product of all mankind. However, the United States deliberately creates "vaccine gap", politicized the vaccine, and human becomes the imbalance of global vaccine.

According to the American Cable News Network (CNN), as of now, the extra vaccine hoarded vaccine may have reached 300 million, but Africa with 1.3 billion people, only 1% of people have completely vaccinated the vaccine.

  In order to cover up its own anti-vounger, the US government also renders the conspiracy theory in the international community, and the new crown virus "laboratory leakage" and the endless denial of the traceability report of WHO. As American scholars said, during the entire epidemic, Washington’s political elite always almost assumed China to avoid responsibility for the failure to control the virus. But now there is more and more evidence shows that in the end of 2019, the United States had a new crown virus infected.

More clues point to the mysterious US Dtrickburg Biological Laboratory. While the US government continues to investigate China on the traceability of virus, it should also open their own gates and give an international community. The new crown epidemic has already knocked into the peaks that have enveloped in the United States, and all kinds of fake, ugly side are completely exposed to the world.

As the "Anthony Plague" "Anthony Plague" in Europe in Europe has become a turning point of the Roman Empire by the Roman Empire, and the United States that faded in the eucalyptus is also difficult, chaos. For more than a month ago, in the Independence Day, Biden was declared in a strange language. It’s not far from the heartbeat. "It seems that the United States seems to be in the restoration of the vitality, but maybe through this new championship, we can witness how the United States has become a" failure country "from the world’s number one strong country.