Where is the leave a message to track unlicensed outdoor advertising companies?

The Billboard of the Dormitory, Yichang Plaza Planning Institute, Yichang City, was demolished on September 29.

The respondents provide "this and Yichang City Management Committee for the leadership of the Yichang City Management Committee, the billboards dismantled before July 2022, according to the current leadership requirements, the time to be demolished in advance, when the leadership and new leaders should listen?" Yichang Superman The person in charge of the advertising company questioned that "the focus of the current contradiction is that the consent is to be demolished, but should be implemented in previous consultations. Just because the former director demolished two billboards during the contract period due to the Chutian Expressway section, August I promised to remove the Yiling Square to the customer contract in April 2022.

But now, the urban management committee new official ignores the old account! "The person in charge of the advertising company said that the billboard of the Yiling Square Planning Institute has not been unilaterally dismantled, and the company has lost more than 70 million yuan for the company. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Yichang City Management Committee responded It is said that it is not illegal, nor is it unprinciping, and it is also negotiated with the company before the demolition.

"The outdoor billboard has been illegal to occupy public resources for nearly 6 years, and it has always been unlicensed, and the government is demolished according to law.

"The person in charge of the urban management committee said that the contradiction is now that the previous relevant personnel have reached a negotiation, but because the billboard is located important square nodes, the surrounding outdoor billboards have been removed according to law," We also have superman before demolition The advertising company has been negotiated, and it hopes that it can stand in the overall situation to support Yichang City Construction. At the same time, the government has been very tolerant, and the company’s additional outdoor billboards also agreed to be executed in accordance with the previous negotiation.

"What can the outdoor billboard unlicensed? The person in charge of Yichang Superman Advertising Company explained that the planning license of Yichang City Outdoor Billboard was issued by the Municipal Planning Bureau before 2011, such as the top advertising position of the Yiling Plaza Planning Institute For example, the original planning license is the Yichang Saving Half (2001) No. 094, which is issued by the Yichang Municipal Planning Bureau.

On September 1, 2011, the Yichang Municipal Government issued the "Measures for the Administration of Outdoor Advertising and Signboard in Yichang City" (Yichang Municipal People’s Government Order No. 152). The document stipulates that the Municipal Administration of Urban Administration is the competent department of outdoor advertising and signage settings in urban areas, responsible for the approval and management of outdoor advertising and signage settings in urban areas; public venues, the outdoor advertising positions on the establishment (constructed) should be approved by the joint meeting , Public auctions or tenders from the city of urban investment companies.

After the city, there are many advertising sites to return to the city.

On July 24, 2012, the company participated in Yichang City Turban Co., Ltd., will again obtain the right to use the advertising position again, expire in 2015.

The person in charge of the advertising company said that since the promulgation of the Yichang Municipal Government No. 152, Yichang Outdoor Advertising Approval authority is transferred to the Urban Management Bureau. The Urban Management Committee basically stopped the approval of outdoor advertising and widely dismantled ads, and the advertising enterprises have no door, nowhere to approval.

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