Foreign media hot discussion on China’s "11" Golden Week: behind hundreds of millions of people flow behind "China Confidence"!

In the survey, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page under the situation of the global epidemic, this year, China’s "11" golden week is considered foreign media.

  The United States "New York Times" believes that "Eleventh" Golden Week has always been a non-paying Chinese economic health.

According to the Singapore "Straits Times" report, "all eyes are gathered to China’s golden week."

A number of media in the UK have also taken a continuous report in a large number of tourists in China Golden Week. The crowd is surging! "Eleventh" Golden Week welcomes the peak "11" Golden Week every year is an important period of time in traveling tourism.

This year’s National Day holiday is approximately, thanks to China’s effective prevention and control of new coronal pneumonia epidemics, "Eleventh" Golden Week recovers the lively scene of the year.

According to statistics from the Data Center of Culture and Tourism, four days before the National Day holiday, the country received a total of tourists and hundreds of millions of tourists, a year-on-year recovery, realizing domestic tourism income billions, a year-on-year recovery%. The local time of the US Columbia Broadcasting Company reported that during the National Day, there were 600 million people expected to travel by car, aircraft and trains.

  △ BB Broadcasting Company News News BBLA website issued "China Holidays: Golden Week" report on October 1, reported that the lively scene of China’s "11" Golden Week is reported, saying that it is predictive In the 8-day holiday, hundreds of millions of Chinese people travel in China.

  The New York Times reported that in order to deal with the underlying pressure generated by the surge in tourists, the Great Wall Scenic Area has deployed more security and staff. △ October 3 to 4, the Tourists in the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area, the tickets were sold out.

  The BBC also introduced that in order to avoid large-scale tourists gathering, some tourist scenic spots have corresponding restrictions on tourists’ reception.

  "Human firefighter" returns to Wuhan Wuhan tourism recovery is the most shocking: He popular tourist land CNN reported that since the relief of the Han Channel in April, Wuhan has become a popular tourist destination for Chinese tourists. For more than a month, Wuhan sold 3.74 million tourist attractions tickets.

  British "Financial Times" said that this year’s golden week, Wuhan’s tourism recovery is the most powerful.

Wuhan’s famous landmark architecture – Yellow Crane Tower has become one of the most sought after China’s "11" Golden Week this year. △ Wuhan continued to rain in recent days, but the 5A-level scenic spot Yellow Crane Tower continued to be hot. The picture shows on the evening of October 3, and the tourists took the rain night.

  Wuhan once again "rich full"! The British "Times" website issued on October 2, "The thrive of Wuhan once again filled with laughter" said that the National Day is coming, and there is more than half a year in Wuhan. After half a year, the city is full of vitality. △ The British "Times" reported shopping street to the bustling, landmark building Yellow Crane Tower played a beautiful light show in the night.

Today’s sights have an empty street in the epidemic, and the mall has formed a strong contrast.

  △ The Wuhan Sports Center has been used as "Fang Bank Hospital" (Source: Xinhua News Agency) When the new crown pneumonia is the most serious, Wuhan Sports Center has been transformed into emergency hospitals in patients with neoguanpi pneumonia.

A few days ago, the center was reopened, and the citizens who express patriotic patriotic red clothes were held here. The British "Daily Mail" issued the global major news agency on China’s major news agencies on October 1 and 3, respectively, and the series of reports and videos have been distributed many times in Wuhan. "During the statement, the scene of the car horses, and the festive festive atmosphere in the amusement park.

  The Financial Times believes that the recovery of the Wuhan tourism economy is mainly due to the efficient and powerful control measures adopted by the Chinese government to ensure the safety of the people and enhance the people’s confidence. Where is the National Day travel to visit a big trend! During the National Day holiday, the national railway sent more than 10 million passengers six consecutive days. As of October 4, the national flight 58608 class was restored to the same period last year; transported by 6.48 million passengers, recovered to% in the same period last year.

  "New York Times" said that "the train is full of tourists, is the clear signal of China recovered from the epidemic." In addition to paying attention to China’s "11" Golden Week Tourism Related Data and Wuhan Tourism Restoration, many foreign media will also At the point of interest, in the world’s new championship environment, the Chinese in the "Eleventh" Golden Week travel habits and travel methods. The golden week of the epidemic preferences, the small team tour Japan’s "Daily News" report, affected by the epidemic, China’s tourism style has changed: the number of car rental is increased, the increase in campers increase, personal tour and small team tour Big popular, smartphone APP and other non-contact tour guide services are rapidly popularized.

  "New York Times" said that the report showed that this year’s tourists surged the needs of Lhasa and other regions, Lhasa’s hotel reservation increased by 600% over the same period last year, reflecting tourists to quiet, distant travel willing. △ October 5th, mountaineering enthusiasts in Tibet to the peak peaks in Luo.

  Domestic tour is China National Day Travel Trend "New York Times" believes that the chain reaction brought about the epidemic is still continuing. Affected by the epidemic, people’s travel methods have changed, and Chinese tourists have become "domestic tour" from the past to "outbound tour". △ National Day holiday, Hainan is free from the island of Hainan. The picture shows October 5th, tourists queued in Sanya International Duty Free City. China Civil Aviation Industry is re-returning normal level new crown pneumonia epidemic enrimination, bringing a heavy creation to the civil aviation industry.

So during the National Day, a number of media also focused on the recovery of China’s civil aviation industry.

  "New York Times" said that due to the continuous impact on the epidemic, many air tickets in many routes in China are lower than in previous years.

  △ Bloomberg News Reports Bloomberg believes that several millions of Chinese people travel during the National Day, let China’s airlines get rid of the epidemic, restore the normal state, and the Chinese civil aviation industry is returning to normal level.

  After picking up the mask walks on the streets, recovering people to the National Day, traveling during the National Day, the transportation industry has gradually recovered, the number of travel people increases, how is the daily life restore in the situation of epidemic prevention and control? Some foreign media reported on the "11" Golden Week, people’s daily lives.

  The New York Times reported that Beijing no longer demanded that people have always wear masks, and the gradually open collective entertainment activities of Wuhan also attracted international concerns. △ October 1st, Beijing Daxing International Airport welcomed the peak of the UK "Daily Mail" in the report: In February, the airport value cabinet and the aisle are empty, but now thousands of passengers waiting. Wait.

The people’s life has gradually returned to normal. Once the empty street returned to popularity during the National Day, the previous still shopping center is all consumers.

  CNN: "People from People" is "China Confidence"! In the face of the large number of tourists in China, CNN believes that this shows "China’s confidence". △ CNN News Report "New York Times" Recently issued the title of "China" Eleventh "Golden Week to boost the hitting tourism"

  △ "New York Times" news reports during the Golden Week, the strong recovery of domestic tourism and consumption markets, and also became a ruler in the world’s economic development. Apost-effective epidemic prevention is generally believed that China’s "11" Golden Week released the residents’ consumption potential, driving a steady recovery in various industries, strict epidemic management measures for current comprehensive recovery scenes.

A number of international media commented on the scene of China’s comprehensive recovery.

  △ Goldman Sachs, Tilton, according to the US Consumer News and Commercial Channels reported on October 5, Goldman Sachs Chief Asian economist Tilton said in an interview on the same day, thanks to the stability of the epidemic prevention and control situation. China’s social activities are gradually recovering.

  △ CNN News Report CNN believes that the Chinese people have been in the premise of the holiday in the golden week, "China’s controlled the epidemic".

  The British "Financial Times" report said that "coverage is widely detected and tracking system to help China recovery, efficient and effective epidemic prevention measures to ensure the safety of the people, so that consumers gradually recover confidence."

"The Russian Tascae believes that the effective epidemic should be the premise of the Chinese economy to recover quickly.

  Spain "National News" commented: "The Chinese government has taken severe epidemic prevention measures.

It turns out that the key to China’s economy is now here.

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