2021 Wenzhou First Cross-Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Forum and Wenzhou (Lucheng) Taiqing Chuangke Guest Square Help

  Activities pointed out that Wenzhou is similar to Taiwan, and the prostitute is blind, and the Wen will, I hope that Wenzhou (Lucheng) Taiwan Qing Chuangke Guest Switch must be "Building a Dream Home" to innovate and start a business, establish a perfect Taiqing entrepreneurial management system and startup Counseling service team, truly build Wenzhou into Taiqing entrepreneurship; to do the promotion of the co-construction service ecology, actively recommend Wenzhou Huitai Policy, create a good entrepreneurial environment, let Taiwan youth use its wisdom in Wenzhou, Creating the same; to promote the promotion of two-strait youth exchange cooperation, further promote the entrepreneurial innovation and cooperation between the two sides of the strait, strengthen the intelligence collision between the two sides of the young entrepreneurs, and develop more possibilities.

  In recent years, Lucheng District has made five major urban brands such as "Creating in Lucheng", in-depth implementation of "Bai Deji" project, deepening talent service "one-stop" "one thing" reform, and actively implementing various items The Hibield Policy provides a lot of opportunities and service guarantees for the development of Deer City in Taiwan. The event invited to Taiwan youth, I hope that Taiwan youth can come to the Lucheng tour, visit, visit, investigate, exchange, understand Lucheng, and feel the lace. Lucheng will also continue to expand the exchange of exchanges in the Deer 2, and take the initiative to share the development opportunities with Taiwan compatriots, so that the two sides of the sate of young people have deepen their feelings in communication, enhance the integration.

  The forum is the theme of "Qing Sharing and Integration", which has built an exchange platform for two sides of youth. On the main forum, five guests shared their own business and internship experiences around the experience of the two sides of the young students, the development environment and opportunities of the continent. In addition, the forum also held Wenzhou (Lucheng) Taiwan Qingchuo Guest Square and the license ceremony, and three Taiqing entrepreneurial projects were signed on site. Wenzhou (Lucheng) Taiwan Qingguang Guest Square is introduced by the central construction, service project.

The Taiwan Youth Community Cultural Development Association also has a video connection, and clouds participate in the opening ceremony and congratulate. It is reported that Wenzhou (Lucheng) Taiwan Qingmen is aimed at providing all-round warm heart services from the multi-dimensionality of life learning, internship, entrepreneurship, and strengthening Taiwan’s identity and belonging to Wenzhou.

The relevant person in charge of Wenzhou (Lucheng) Taiqing Guest House said that next, the Chuangkeshi will be a bridgehead of Wenzhou, which continues to optimize the investment promotion environment, helps Wenzhou, the economic and social quality of the Lumi City, and promote the two sides of the strait youth. Communication is more close. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.