Fujian Provincial Procuratorate launched the "Sincere Sincere Sincestance, I am acting in the People’s Enterprise"

How is the procuratorate service private economy? What regards need to improve and improve? Recently, the Fujian Provincial People’s Procuratorate launched the "Sincere Sincerity to listen to the people, I have a practical thing for the Private Enterprise", from the privatous enterprise, more than 20 provinces, municipalities, district people representatives, CPPCC members, Fujian Provincial Special Procuratorate Guests, people’s supervisors and representatives of lawyers and democratic Parties were invited to participate in the openingday series of visits, and the prosecutors conducted face-to-face exchange interactions and legal advice.

Member, deputy director of the party group, deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Procuratorate, and the relevant departments of the Provincial Hospital Office participated in the whole process.

In the morning, the Provincial Institute organized all the guests in the Fuzhou Binhai New Town, visited the Changle Optimization Business Environmental Rule of Law Education Base to understand the various initiatives and effectiveness of the procuratorate in serving private enterprises, carrying out public laws and other aspects.

Then visit well-known enterprises such as Hendectic Fiber Technology Company, Tenlong Network Holdings Co., Ltd.. Fuzhou, Changle District two-level procuratorate, local party committee governments, and related enterprises, leaders and relevant personnel visited and introduced relevant work.

In the afternoon, all guests continue to visit the 12309 Procuratorate Service Center, the Case Management Department and the Procuratorial Exhibition Hall of Fujian Provincial Hospital.

Listen to the staff to explain the demonstration, and the zero distance perceive the procuratorate process and understand the relevant work of the procuratorate.

During the visit, guests stopped from time to time, and their achievements made to procuratorates have greeted. After the end, the salon interactive communication was held.

Ye Yanpei informed the Sandy activities in the Salon event, the Fujian Provincial Procuratorate Service to ensure the development of private economic development.

In recent years, Fujian Provincial Procuratorates adhere to the service and secure political responsibility and legal responsibility of the private economy, and tightly support the important policy measures of the Central and Provincial Parties to support the development of private economy development, give full play to the role of prosecutive function, service to protect private Economic and healthy development.

Fujian Provincial Procuratorate Service to ensure the work of private enterprises in the forefront, "pro-finishing enterprises" and other practices, two written to the highest inspection work report, forming features in implementing equal protection, building a non-public economic characteristic display platform, etc. brand.

It is understood that in October 2018, the Fujian Provincial Procuratorate was arrested for all kinds of 953 impact of non-public economic development cases, prosecuting 14402,902 people, a total of 80 pieces of arrested black and evil forces violated private economic crimes. 350 people. 77 people in 77 people; increase the punishment of intellectual property crimes, continue to deepen the criminal case of intellectual property criminal cases, and 947 crimes in Fujian Province, the commissioning of intellectual property, sue 2255; If the illegal illegal violations have led to the violation of national interests or social public interests, 507 civil and criminals are filed in accordance with the law, requiring restoration of primary, compensation loss, etc .; , In-depth analysis, to find more than 300 procuratorates to the private enterprises, help private enterprises to block vulnerabilities, establish and improve management system; United Provincial Public Security Department deployment to carry out a new round of "hanging case" special cleaning Work, combing, discovering 109 people involved in the criminal proceedings of the civil camp, designated special personnel to track, supervise the investigation, supervision and cleaning, and have cleaned up 103 pieces, let the enterprises put down the bags, let go of private enterprises; The civil administrative effective referee supervision and application is 308, and 15 of the civil administrative and re-examination and procuratorate recommendations; 106 pieces have been adopted; 26 cases of civil false litigation cases involved in civil camps, more than 750 million yuan.

During the salon event, the Ningde City Procuratorate handled the police officer introduced the case of the procuratorate to protect the intellectual property rights of Ningde Times, and sharing how to strengthen the comprehensive protection of enterprise intellectual property rights.

Jinjiang City Procuratorate handled the case police introduced the procuratorate to Fujian Panpan Food Co., Ltd. to carry out corporate compliance related work. The Office of the Provincial Legal Policy Research Office, the Fourth Procurator, the Sixth Procurator Department, etc., the police department, etc., to answer the legal issues of some guests. "I hope the procuratorate will increase the principle of intellectual property crimes to protect enterprise health development" "" I hope that the procuratorate provides more support in business compliance construction, especially in terms of specific construction, anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion, and increase promotional intensity. " In the interactive exchange, the guests of the participating guests will definitely determine the effectiveness of the procuratorate service to protect the healthy development of private enterprises, and has also proposed a lot of constructive comments and recommendations.

It is understood that the Fujian Provincial Procuratorate will implement the 12th Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee and the deployment of the Fujian Provincial Private Enterprise Development, further refinement of the procuratorate service initiatives, and support the development of private enterprises, contribute to the development of private enterprises and strength.

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