Member of the CPPCC National Committee of the Chongqing National Committee discussed the "two highs" report

  On March 8th, members of the CPPCC National Committee of the Chongqing National Committee carefully discussed the work report of the Supreme People’s Court and the work report of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate. The members said that the common feature of the "two highs" report is that the work is pragmatic, the effect is obvious, the "ground gas" is connected, and the "antenna" is upper and upper. The major achievements in implementing the strategy of governing the country according to law have demonstrated the duties given by the "two highs" faithfully fulfilling the constitutional law, and more consciously integrate into the national governance and perform their duties in accordance with the law.

  Member Wang Jiguang said that in the past year, the "two highs" closely focused on the goal of "let the people feel fairness and justice in every judicial case", and always runs through the "judiciary for the people, justice, justice, and faithfully fulfill the constitutional laws assigned by the constitutional law. Responsibilities have made positive contributions to the promotion of Ping An China, ensuring the long -term security of the country, living in the people, and high -quality economic development.

In the reform of the judicial system and judicial work, the "two highs" cooperate with each other and supervise and restrict each other, forming a good situation of common maintenance of judicial justice and promoting the rule of law in accordance with the law. In particular, in terms of maintaining national security and social stability, creating a business environment for the rule of law, and severe punishment of corruption crimes and keeping the bottom line of people’s livelihood, the "two highs" division of labor and cooperation, so that the people really have a sense of security. Member Li Shenglong said that the "two high" report summarizes the objective and realistic performance, the analysis of the problem is accurate and scientific, the planning ideas are clear, the deployment measures are accurate and powerful, there are standing, responsible, characteristic, seeing thoughts, action, and effectiveness, fully reflect the fully reflection The political consciousness of defending the "two establishment" and practicing "two maintenance" fully demonstrates the requirements of the important instructions of the General Secretary of the Beauty and the Party Central Committee and the major decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee. The development pattern and the strong mission of promoting high -quality development. After the Chengdu -Chongqing Financial Court was unveiled, the Supreme Court strengthened business guidance and trial supervision, and focused on improving the level of modernization of the financial trial system and trial capacity to ensure the full play of the Chengyu Financial Court’s function. Member of Tu Jianhua and Member of private enterprises said that the "two highs" reported that they both focused on serving the overall situation of the country’s development and close to the actual situation of social life, so that the people could feel the fairness and justice that could be visible. Especially in the face of the influence of the epidemic and the decline in the international economy, the Supreme People’s Court, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, fully serve the overall planning to promote the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development, ensure the employment and care of the masses in accordance with the law, and do everything possible to do everything possible. Help enterprises, especially small and medium -sized enterprises, have overwhelmed. Private entrepreneurs are deeply agreed and encouraged. They believe that there are rule of law to escort, and the private economy will definitely move towards a wider stage.

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