Note that a group of important laws stipulate that "new" in June!

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 31st: Note that an important law stipulates "new" in June! Xinhua News Agency reporter Bai Yang this June, a number of new rules related to the people’s livelihood began to implement, from strengthening the control of noise pollution to strict management of solid beverages quality and then regulating brokerage activities in the field of radio and television and online audiovisuals. You and I have a good life. Strengthening the control of noise pollution such as the Plaza Dance of the Plaza Dance of the People’s Republic of China will be implemented from June 5, 2022, and the governance of noise pollution will have stronger legal weapons. In terms of applicable scope, this law expands industrial noise to the noise generated in production activities; increases the control of noise disturbances such as urban rail transit, motor vehicle "bombing streets", taking public transportation, breeding pets, catering, etc.; Only the regulations of cities are expanded to rural areas; the requirements and measures of environmental vibration control are clarified. In this law, managers of public places should reasonably specify the areas, periods and volumes of entertainment, fitness and other activities, and can take measures such as automatic monitoring and display facilities to strengthen management. It is forbidden to advertise in business activities to use treble speakers or other methods that continue to repeat high noise for advertising.

Driving drivers are prohibited from dismantling or damaging mufflers, and installing exhaust pipes, such as roaring, driving, etc., cause noise pollution. Solid beverages shall not claim to have the "Announcement of the General Administration of Market Supervision on Strengthening the Supervision of Solid Beverage Quality and Safety Supervision" from June 1, 2022 to stipulate the labeling of solid drinks. The announcement states that solid beverage labels, instructions and publicity materials shall not be used in text or patterns to explain, suggest or emphasize that products are suitable Crafts, raw materials, etc. are explicitly expressed, implied that the disease prevention, treatment function, health care function, and special needs of people with specific diseases are met.

  The name of the solid beverage product must not be the same as the special food name that has been approved for release; the special name "solid drink" that reflects the real attributes of the food on the product labeling target should not be smaller than other texts of the same display layout.

  The protein solid beverages, plant solid drinks, special use solid beverages, flavor solid drinks, and the minimum sales unit of solid drinks that add edible bacteria should be marked on the same display. "This product cannot replace special medicine for special medicine As a warning information, the area of ??use formula foods, infant formulas, health foods, etc., and should not be less than 20%of its area. Standardize the "Administrative Measures for Brokers and Institutions in Radio and Television and Internet Audiovisual in the field of radio and television and audiovisuals in the field of radio and television and online audiovisuals, starting from June 30, 2022, and further standardized the activity of brokerage in related fields. Broadcasting, television and online audiovisual brokerage agencies and brokerage personnel shall strictly regulate the release of information, and shall not publish or hire marketing numbers to issue harmful information such as fans to tear, pull on the war. , Rumor -made attacks and other methods to speculate, not to induce fans to consume by false consumption, take the lead in rewarding, and support fundraising. Broadcasting, television and online audiovisual brokerage agencies and brokerage personnel shall strengthen daily maintenance, supervision and management of accounts such as official fan groups, backup associations, and other accounts. Activities and assemblies such as physical and mental health, disrupting normal order of society.

  Strict control of the wetland "Wetland Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China" has been implemented from June 1, 2022, and wetlands, which have been known as the "kidney of the earth", have been systematic legal protection. This Law stipulates that it is prohibited to occupy important national wetlands, except for major national projects, disaster prevention and mitigation projects, important water conservancy and protection facility projects, wetland protection projects, etc.; construction projects and line selection should avoid wetlands. And take necessary measures to reduce the adverse effects on the ecological function of wetland.

  This law further clarifies the relationship between wetland protection and reasonable use.

For example, the people’s governments at or above the provincial level and their relevant departments include wetland into national parks, nature reserves or natural parks according to law according to the needs of wetland protection planning and wetland protection; When using activities, we should avoid changing the natural conditions of the wetland and take measures to reduce the adverse effects on the ecological function of the wetland.

  Foreign institutional investors invest in the Chinese bond market to be more convenient for the People’s Bank of China, the Securities and Futures Commission, and the Foreign Exchange Bureau to issue a joint announcement to further facilitate the investment in the Chinese bond market in accordance with laws and regulations. It will be implemented from June 30, 2022.

  The announcement clarified the power and responsibilities of all parties, and supported investors in overseas institutions to invest directly or invest in the exchange market through interconnection.

  In terms of entering the market, foreign institutional investors enter the market as a legal person. For new products for the filing agency and the filing agency, there is no need to record it. For the recorded products, the inter -bank bond market can retain both existing bond accounts or merged to the legal person level. Related financial infrastructure should provide non -transaction transfer services.