She offered to live,Emperor Lei can’t leave either,And he’s used to looking for Qiao Huiru for double cultivation every day,Not going back today,What to do with the anger in my heart?

but,I can live in a hotel with my goddess Jiang Yuehan,That’s a breakthrough in the emotional process,Lei Tianzi is very happy,First call Qiao Huiru and say she won’t go back,Qiao Huiru is still very upset。
The room is a suite layout,This is a way Lei Tianzi is used to,He can’t open two suites either,Not a question of money,But there is no need to open two suites。
Jiang Yuehan is even more beautiful after bathing,After all, it was just moisturized by water,There is a lazy look,Seeing the goddess so charming,The whole person is beautiful and glowing,Tianzi Lei wants to use his methods again,Said I could massage,He is a doctor,Knowing that massage is also a professional ability。
Jiang Yuehan already trusts him completely,I gave myself to a man with an unpredictable heart。
Facts proved,In front of absolute beauty,Liu Xiahui doesn’t exist,Lei Tianzi obviously doesn’t want to use spells,But Jiang Yuehan in a bathrobe is so beautiful,He finally couldn’t help it,Used a little spell,That is to make yourself taller,Jiang Yuehan didn’t oppose him in the first place,This way,Room in the hotel,Still young boyfriend and girlfriend,Everything happened so suddenly and logically。
Jiang Yuehan did not regret afterwards,She has accepted Lei Tianzi in her heart,but,Jiang Yuehan still doesn’t know the existence of Qiao Huiru and others,If you know,It’s definitely not the kind of happy mood。
Lei Tianzi slept Jiang Yuehan,Wish is over,I feel that the goddess Jiang Yuehan is similar to Qiao Huiru,Sometimes it’s not as good as Qiao Huiru and Liu Tang can let go,Can’t have fun,This is a pity,I have to work hard to develop Jiang Yuehan’s potential in the future。
After two people slept once,Lei Tianzi will definitely be alienated,Mainly because the curiosity is gone,Got what it deserves,Don’t try so hard anymore,He has to leave some energy for Liu Tang and Qiao Huiru。
Jiang Yuehan didn’t think so,This kind of thing happens once and there will be a second time,Jiang Yuehan began to ask Lei Emperor。
Lei Tianzi is affectionate and righteous,As long as Jiang Yuehan calls,I’m sure to let go of everything,Unmistakable,Let Jiang Yuehan rest assured,She is worried that Emperor Lei doesn’t love her anymore,It turns out that this guy is still very reliable。
Medical students are very busy,Even if Lei Tianzi doesn’t need to learn, he has to be named in class,Otherwise, credit will be deducted,The reason why he is still fooling around in school,Mainly because of the female students here,Not very enthusiastic about achievement pursuit,Just have a certificate in the future,At least I can straighten my waist in front of a woman。
Relatively speaking,Jiang Yuehan’s courses are more relaxed,Some students can also go out to make movies while in class to earn extra money,By comparison, it shows how happy the music students are。
Jiang Yuehan often dates Lei Tianzi,Sometimes during class,Didn’t intentionally delay Lei Tianzi from class,But Jiang Yuehan’s love came,Nothing can stop,Call if you want,Women in love are stupid,This is true。