Liu Yuan smiled:“We often say in mind,In a sense it is not a metaphor,What you see this is the mind,Those wonders,Is the external performance of the main brain when it is running,Brain activity generates bioelectricity,It’s just that the bioelectricity of a single individual is too weak,Hard to catch,The mastermind,It serves all mankind,So the bioelectricity generated by its thinking,Is a universe of wisdom。”

Yang Pingfan stared at the main brain as small as a nucleus compared to a sphere,“How do I feel that the shape of the main brain and the sphere do not match,I can see,There is only a small area of thinking,Nothing else,Is it wasted?”
“of course not,”
Liu Yuan explained patiently:“The main brain is different from the server in the Internet age,It can evolve on its own,Now it is only equivalent to infant stage,As the number of people using it grows,More information accepted,It will keep getting bigger,The extra space is prepared for the future。”
“and so,The Internet of Brains is now available?”Yang Pingfan is eager to try。
“Yes,You can ask it a question,”Liu Yuan handed over something like a headset,Looks like speakers at both ends,Connected with a thread in the middle,“Press the start switch,Stick it on both temples,Correct,Then close your eyes。”
Yang Pingfan did what Liu Yuan said,Close your eyes,When the connection,He felt a slight dizziness and tingling,Then it shines,I entered an empty universe,Look far,All blank,There is a deep starry sky above,Only under my own feet is an invisible square。”
“Because it just went online,So the world of the Internet of Brains is blank,”Liu Yuan appeared beside him,The suit turned into a sportswear,He is also connected to the Internet of the brain。
“Currently there is this square,I named it Quanshui Square,It is a site,All people who log in to the Internet,The first stop is here,It is equivalent to the novice village。”
Yang Pingfan nodded,Look around,“It’s so empty here,Nothing at all。”
“Do not,Have everything,”Liu Yuan smiled mysteriously,Thinking is everything,You can ask a question。
“How to ask?”
“Just speak directly,Our consciousness comes in the form of brain waves,Reaction to reality is the interaction of electric current,No obstacles,What to operate without keyboard and mouse。”
Yang Pingfan thought for a while,Asked:“One plus one equals?”
“Equal to two,”The main brain’s response is directly projected in the mind,“In addition,This question has 64,809 direct answers,Three hundred and ninety-seven thousand one hundred and twenty-eight kinds of answers。of course,It depends on when you enter the question,Whether there are other ancillary conditions。”
Yang Pingfan’s evaluation is pertinent,“Somewhat mechanical。”
Liu Yuan nodded,“Of course,The internet of the brain is like a computer,Only operating system now,No other software,Of course a bit cold,But it will change soon,The first batch of Internet of mind landing devices has been pre-sold。”
The two quit the internet of mind,Others experienced the feeling of surfing the Internet,Then I feel much worse than the Internet,Liu Yuan laughed,“Experience again in a month,You will understand。”
When everyone left, they found another dungeon,There is also a spherical container inside,It’s just that the inside of the container is divided into countless small grids,This time everyone can tell that one of the grids is a human brain。