Gourd unplugged,A sweet smell is coming,Is rice wine。

“Where’s the rice wine?”Huo Qubing is overjoyed,Took the gourd and took a big sip,Unfinished,Took a few more sips,I think of the teacher。
“teacher,please!”Huo Qubing dedicated his gourd hands to Yang Pingfan。
Yang Pingfan shook his head,Nunu mouth towards the crowd,“Share the ups and downs with the soldiers,Can be military。”
Huo Qu Bing can see through,Let the soldiers give a gourd to the veterans one by one,Sure enough to harvest a joy,Although there is little wine,There are only a dozen soldiers who can be touched,But a general who is willing to share wine with his subordinates is always welcome。
Yang Pingfan took out another golden roast leg of lamb from the sleeve of his robe,Huo Qubing’s salivation,Take over the leg of lamb to eat,Finally filled my stomach。qq
The eight hundred cavalry continued to march north after a meal,The soldiers were suspicious,Going forward is the realm of the Huns,In case you encounter the Huns scout,Bring in the enemy army again,These eight hundred lives must stay here。
Several war horses approached Huo Qubing,The military princes’ bitterly persuaded:“Master Lieutenant,There is no way forward,Deep into the desert,Can’t find water,Thirsty。”
Huo Qubing used his horse whip:“There is Fuquan fifty miles away。”
The soldiers looked at each other,This is too random,The spring eye oasis in the desert is very rare,And there are few references on the surface,Only the most experienced guide can accurately find the water source on the way,But that is limited to the roads that have been explored,But the road Huo Qubing walked is completely a new road without traces of herders,Just imagine,An area that even the shepherds dared not go deep into,How could there be water。
But Master Lieutenant made a promise,He said he couldn’t find water and returned to the camp,The soldiers are helpless,Bite the bullet and convince the soldiers,The team went forward another fifty miles,When people are sleepy,Sure enough, I saw an oasis far away。
Oasis is small,Only a dozen trees,A clump of green grass and a pond with a radius of no more than thirty steps,Fortunately, this pond is connected to the underground river,No matter how you drink it, it doesn’t dry up,Eight hundred soldiers were full of water,The animals are full,Even the water bag is full,Night is coming,Before leaving again,Everyone settled the dinner on horseback。
But the accident still happened。
This oasis is small,But there is plenty of water,Han Jun can find,The Huns who have been nomadic in the desert can naturally be found,Just have a feast for the eight hundred cavalry,When ready to rest,A message comes from the scouts investigating outside,A tribe found them!
This matter is not trivial,Huo Qubing ordered immediately,Capture them all,Don’t leave one,The cavalry moved,Scattered around,Encircle, chase and intercept this tribe that is ready to come over,Less than half an hour,Take them all。
This is a small tribe of hundreds of people,Only a dozen mature men,The rest are old and weak women and children,Everyone is dark,Exudes an unpleasant smell,Drove hundreds of sheep,Cringe and squeeze into a ball。
Easy to catch,But how to deal with this group of prisoners is the trickiest thing,Huo Qubing can’t make up his mind,Find Yang Pingfan again,“teacher,What to do with this?”
Yang Pingfan looked at the prisoners,No answer Huo Qubing,Instead asked another question,“How about the casualties??”