The girl who asked for directions and the two downed men watched all this happen to annihilation,Screamed in horror,Leave the scene in three directions by coincidence,Escape each other。

Lei Tianzi secretly followed the girl asking for directions,It only appears when there is light,What he especially appreciates,The girl who asked for directions still carried her luggage when she ran away,Definitely a talent。
Emperor Lei is not nonsense,After pointing out the path to Jiyuan Medical University, he quietly retreated,A ray of his mind stared at the girl,I didn’t continue shopping until I saw her standing in front of the university.。
Go away,No last name or first name,This is Lei Tianzi’s unrestrained freedom。
Walked along the lively street for more than two hours,Lei Tianzi’s mental and physical strength is still full,Don’t feel tired,A sign on the side of the road caught Lei Tianzi’s attention,It says“Quintessence Antique Shop”,Body twist,Changed the way forward,Walk into the shop。
A neatly dressed male waiter greeted the door,I didn’t come to say hello when I saw a guest coming in,But my eyes smiled slightly,Appear calm and capable,Well trained,An old man sitting behind the table in the deepest part of the shop,Concentrate on typing on the computer screen crackling,I don’t know if I’m playing games or chatting。
Lei Tianzi’s eyes swept away,I can see the whole shop clearly,This antique shop has three rows and two meters high shelves,It is covered with porcelain and various metals、Non-metallic utensils,Everything from a tall vase to finger-sized jade。
Browse all the goods,Lei Tianzi pointed to a little jade and said:“How did this thing sell?”
“VIP,30,000 yuan。”The waiter respectfully said。
Nod slightly,Lei Tianzi bent down and pulled out a ball from the corner of the shelf close to the ground,Said:“I want this too。”
The waiter does not know the value of this item,Quietly glanced at the old man,Then said:“Ten thousand yuan,VIP。”
After paying by card,Throw jade in your pocket casually,Holding the unnamed ball in his palm,Lei Tianzi left the shop very satisfied,Walked to a corner where no one noticed,Have words in your mouth,Suddenly Hua Guangyingying,A beautiful palace appeared in front of Lei Tianzi,The area of this palace is not less than that of the villa in Hongyuan District,Can be used as a residence。
Between the thoughts,Lei Tianzi’s palm moved,The palace in front of me disappeared,There is a simple and natural ball in the palm of his hand,Lei Tianzi sighed and said:“This is really pearly dust,The worthless jade alkyne actually sold for 30,000 yuan,And the magic weapon used by the cultivator is unexpectedly unknown,It seems that this mortal world is nothing more than this,Since I was beaten badly,The realm of cultivation plummeted,Can’t return to the fairyland in a short time,Then travel in this world,The game is also an indispensable part of the cultivator。”