The villagers get married early,When a man reaches the age of fourteen or five, he has a right wife,When the girl reaches the age of twelve or thirteen, someone will come to propose marriage,As long as both parties agree,The wedding was done the same year。

Emperor Lei checked the physical qualifications of Sun Kangfu and Sun Kangxi,I found it was a rare fairy body,Very surprised,According to his understanding,Only immortal cultivators in the realm of true immortality or very high-level planets are more likely to give birth to immortal qualified persons。
He can’t see how high the planet is here,Not to mention Sun Pingzhong,Does not belong to the body of the cultivator,How can you give birth to two immortal children??
The puzzled Lei Tianzi selected Sun Pingzhong and Sun Kangfu、Sun Kangxi’s hair,Took out the instruments in the Xuna Space and made aDNADetect,turn out,Sun Kangfu and Sun Kangxi are not Sun Pingzhong’s biological children。
Lei Tianzi waved his hand,Isolate him and Sun Pingzhong from space,Let others not see and hear their conversation,Sternly asked Sun Pingzhong who was trembling:“Tell me honestly,Whose children are Sun Kangfu and Sun Kangxi??Why did you show up in your home?”
“Puff”Sun Pingzhong knelt down,Kowtowing repeatedly:“The villain does not hide the fairy,These two children are indeed not my own,That was five years ago……”
With Sun Pingzhong’s memories,Only then did Emperor Lei understand,original,There is a cultivating school near Yuguang City,Yuguangmen,This school has many disciples and grandchildren,Should look like millions of people,Mortal Sun Pingzhong is not very clear about the specific numbers。
five years ago,Suddenly a female fairy broke into Sun Pingzhong’s house,Sun Kangfu、Sun Kangxi gave it to Sun Pingzhong,And leave a sum of money,Entrust Sun Pingzhong to raise these two children,Then the fairy turned and flew away,Never come back。
The female fairy left her name before she left,Her name is Xie Shu,Sun Pingzhong inquired,Xie Shu is actually a traitor from Yuguangmen。
Scared in Sunping Center,I still dare not listen to the fairy,I met Lei Tianzi today,I also want to send out two hot potato,He is worried that Sun Kangfu and Sun Kangxi will cause disaster to the family in the future。
The above are all personal statements of Sun Pingzhong,But it doesn’t sound like that to Lei Tianzi,He doesn’t think Xie Shu is a traitor,If you really are a traitor, you will be forced by Yuguangmen,Definitely not the traitor in Lei Tianzi’s heart。
This is the difference of knowledge,In Lei Tianzi’s view,Xie Shu gave the child to Sun Pingzhong,I’m afraid it’s some kind of danger,Worried about the child being killed,Only then found mortals like Sun Pingzhong to raise the children。
Since Sun Kangfu、Sun Kangxi’s physical aptitude is so good,Must be someone with a background,Are not the children of ordinary immortals。
Sun Pingzhong is a mortal,He couldn’t judge the realm of Xie Shu’s cultivation,Lei Tianzi can’t even guess who Xie Shu is,The only way to know the answer is to go to Yuguangmen。