Yan Ruyu replied inwardly,And then,He turned his head。

Behind him,A shy girl is standing right now,Eyebrows like willows,Eyes like stars,A little vermilion between the forehead,Two clusters of red clouds fly across the cheeks,Dye a delicate face of melon seeds into apple red,Plus a clean black and white robe,Insert a bamboo sword obliquely behind,It looks like a fairy flying in the forest。
The main thing is,The girl’s age is not too old,Looks only sixteen or seventeen years old,But the stalwart on the chest,But ready to come out。
No wonder the old Taoist society deliberately changed Taoism to red-crowned crane,Killed and refused to let others play the live version,Who can stand this special change??
Yan Ruyu somewhat envied this old way‘Slap’Sister?More than just good looks,This figure is the best among the best。
“Brother,You look at me like this……Do you think Junior Sister looks good??”Junior sister’s face was even redder by Yan Ruyu,Head down but can’t help but peek at Yan Ruyu。
“Junior sister,I……”
A flying arrow flies in the distance。
And then,Then the majestic call sounded。
“Brother,Master is calling us。”The younger sister walked to Yan Ruyu with a shy face,Wrapped a hand around his arm,At the same time, the body actively leaned forward。
Yan Ruyu immediately felt the strong pressure。
This damn story mission,It’s so overwhelming that an upright and pure young man like me can’t breathe?If you have the ability, hurry up。
Two people jumped up,Hand in hand to run towards the mountains not far away。
Soon I came to the gate of a temple。
The appearance of the middle-aged man and the golden armored guard has not changed much,but,The original red-crowned crane,But they have all become Taoist disciples。