For the two sisters Feng Xianliang and Feng Xiankui Lei Tianzi never touched them,Occasionally sit in the bedroom of the two sisters,Bring them some spiritual fruits and cultivation resources,But the training resources are limited to elixir and the like,Lugan and Qiyuanwan never give them。

From this point of view,Emperor Lei is still wary,Don’t trust these two beautiful princesses,As sugar-coated cannonball。
Feng Xianliang and Feng Xiankui are also responsible,Living in Lei Tianzi’s fairy space,Basically not out of the door of the bedroom,Sometimes Liu Tang and Lei Lan come to invite the two sisters out to play,Sister Feng Xianliang also sent a jade slip message to Emperor Lei in advance.。
Such performance makes Lei Tianzi very satisfied,The reason why he has been reluctant to share the same room with the two princesses is that he is not sure what happens to the princess of the Black Wind clan if he gives birth to a child,Long Ji did not come up with a scientifically based conclusion。
The Black Wind tribe didn’t urge the marriage,I seem to forget that there are two princesses who gave it to Lei Tianzi。
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Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty One New space
Ten years passed like this,Qiao Huiru and Sinan Sui both made large sums of money in the training room,Faster than fighting,Not the slightest risk yet,These ten years have been the time for human cultivators to breathe and grow,The human race that had been suppressed by the Black Wind tribe regained their vitality。
It’s been eighty years since Emperor Lei came to the Black Wind Star Territory,Even Zhu Kemi’s son Lei Xianzhang is over 90 years old。
Lei Xianzhang received science education since he was born,Lung Ji、Lei Xuan、Liu Tang and others,I’ve been studying hard for more than 90 years before I get a teacher,Can be considered graduated from home university。
Lei Xianzhang is smarter,Is also the realm of a strong man in the gods,Tianzi Lei deliberately gave him the management of the space on the Black Wind Star Territory,There is no strong presence in the Heifeng star field today,The immortal cultivators on the human side have been bound by the training room and are strong,Can’t do without the training room model。
Emperor Lei left to Lei Xianzhang after brainwashing the thirteen strong sanctuary who kidnapped Qiao Huiru,Used as a secret weapon,Plus the two invincible weapons in Lei Xianzhang’s hand: laser gun and ghost sickle,You can walk sideways in the Black Wind Star Field。
When Emperor Lei arranged these things,Qiao Huiru and others know that her husband is leaving,They still want to make more money but they can’t do it,Lei Tianzi rarely put his thoughts on money,He is most interested in all kinds of magic weapons and wonders in the stars,Describe in one sentence,That is:Lei Tianzi is always flying。
This one“fly”Fly not fly,But his heart is flying,Sailing non-stop in the starry sky,There is no place for Lei Tianzi to stay for a long time,It’s like I’m tired of watching the scenery,I always think that the scenery I need is in front。