After the product is shaped,Qian Qianqin is not interested in watching,Anyway, the area where the kiln was burned became a big construction site,Millions of paper puppets come and go to work,The whole construction site is silent,Even during the manufacturing process,Because the movements are uniform,It fits very closely with the product,There is very little collision sound,Paper puppets are more than ten times more efficient than ordinary people,As long as their bodies are filled with fairy crystals as a power source, they can keep doing it。

Finished porcelain,Qian Qianqin remembered that there was still a fan in his magic weapon space waiting to be processed,Ask Lei Tianzi what to do?
Put before,Those who dare to offend the emperor must be put to death directly,Lei Tianzi at this time out of comprehensive considerations,I don’t think Fan Kai can be executed,Because Fan Kai’s cultivation level is not high,But have contacts with many big forces,And Fan Kai relies on eloquence,Can speak well,Bewitched a lot of female fairies,You can’t save it if you kill it。
He thought about it,Then think of a wonderful way,Using medical skills to perform a small operation on Fan Kai,Make him a kind of person between male and female,The non-male or female gender that can neither bully female fairies nor threaten men。
Fan Kai was brought to Lei Tianzi after the operation,Lei Tianzi patted him on the shoulder and said:“God has a good life,I’m not that kind of person,Cut you off the troubles and dust roots to practice,Since you were caught by Mrs. Qin,I was fascinated by Mrs. Qin before,I’ll follow Mrs. Qin from now on,Waiting for the lady,It’s your duty to do it right,You must be punished if you make a mistake,do you understand?”
“Villain got it。”Fan Kai wants to cry without tears,He knows what is lost,Almost half-life of being a man,Fortunately people are still alive,Emperor Lei didn’t kill him,It’s also a great compassion。
Looking at Fan Kai with a sad face,Lei Tianzi felt happy,Thought:“I see how Yan Zhi finds Fan Kaien’s love again?She knew I did it all,Will be very grateful to me。”
After everything stabilizes at Jiansu Gate,Tianzi Lei used Lei Wang Chaonao to contact his daughter Tai Piao who stayed in Fangtinglin School,Fifty years have passed,Tai Piao has become an inner disciple of Fang Tinglin School,There is some power in the martial art,With the assistance of Qijuan,Tai Piao not only received members of the cold-blooded organization from Liken Star,I also received a lot of immortal cultivators from the Grid Continent。
Lei Tianzi built an inter-stellar teleportation array in the Guyangshan Courtyard on the Bawei Continent,Connect with Fang Tinglin School,It was teleported to the courtyard where Tai Piao lived in an instant,Then built a teleportation array in Tai Piao’s residence to travel between the two places。
Thus,Qian Qianqin and Tai Piao met,For this daughter who is older than her,Qian Qianqin really likes,Qianqianqin is young,But very old,Plus she has no motives,Get along with anyone,Also very prestigious in the cold blood organization。
Yan Zhi met with Fan Kai like this,But Fan Kai completely ignored Yan Zhi,Fan Kai at this time is physically disabled,And he is still obsessed with Qianqin,Bewildered by Qianqianqin’s beauty,The female fairies in the world no longer attract Fan Kai’s attention。
The heartbroken Yan Zhi and Fan Kai quarreled and ignored this ruthless man,Lei Tianzi sneered in the dark:“If it wasn’t for Yan Zhi’s reluctance to Fan Kai,,Fan Kai at this time has long been my ghost under the sword,I can cut off Yan Zhi’s silly nizi’s thoughts when you meet,Follow Fan Kai’s kind of stuff,Sooner or later will be harmed。”
Tianzi Lei stopped taking care of this,He took some resources from the Bawei Continent and transported them to the Grid Continent for sale,Then transport some specialties of the grid continent to the Bawei continent for sale。
The person in charge is Qijuan and Guan Yufei, one of the cold-blooded leaders,Since both of them are female fairies,It’s not very noticeable,In some cities one after another“Lei Tian Shop”,The distribution items include high-end treasures such as Kaichangyuan Lingguo and Xianxiadan,In exchange for the resources Lei Tianzi needs。
After Qijuan set foot in business,I gradually got some money in my hand,Caught the attention of her husband Shang Wanyu,Shang Wanyu sent an investigation and discovered the existence of Lei Tianzi。
Many things cannot withstand investigation,Tianzi Lei and Qijuan have had a ten-year relationship between husband and wife,Even though they don’t talk anymore,But once there is that level of intimate contact between men and women,It’s hard to hide from people around you,Their relationship aroused Shang Wanyu’s suspicion。
Shang Wanyu is a powerful king,It belongs to the position of elders in Fangtinglin School,I don’t know how many disciples there are,Shang Wanyu sent someone to give Lei Tianzi a warning:“Leaving Grid Continent immediately,If it appears on the grid continent again,I will do it myself。”