“What do you think people do?”

“How do I feel that I have a relationship with a common party?。”
Like the brow, he asked in the same way.:“A relationship with the Communist Party?Talk about your reason。”
“Long pool,Poisonous plant accident almost every day of our party shares,Where there are several of our wholly-owned Japan,Night staff also were deployed on,But even so or accident,And almost all the night watchman who was killed,I want to know that the deceased is some of the black dragon.。”
“You said this, this is indeed a bit awkward.,How about this,You sort out all the information sent to the cases where I live,I take a closer look and then give you the answer。”
“Then, please the long spring hall.。”
Qi Rui saw the scene knows that the martial arts team,He let SONG Jian and Tang Rui Wang Tien-mu accompanied back to the villa,Che had wandered into their own with the agreed meeting place,A smoke shop called longevity sickness soil。
I saw the five brothers in a single room in the most inside.,His side on the wooden bed,There is a small wooden table in bed,Placed above the two Smoking Barrels。
Qi Rui asked, sitting on the bed:“Brother,How about meet here?”
“Such a place that was safe!”Che was put on opium pipes in a whip,Then spit it out all cigarette,Soon a single room where all the smoke。
Qi Rui rarely smoke,This is not to mention drugs,He asked with his nose.:“Brother,Can we change places?”
“Small nine,Just here.,Because I will send someone to burn this tobacco tomorrow.,I am coming to step.。”
“Brother,almost,We have to change the way.。”
“Small nine,Is there anyone else??”Zeng Che,
“The cases of these days are not all you do.?”Rudely asked,
“no,Most of our goals are the smoke hall,The poison factory can never move,Obviously someone stares to the drug factory,It’s more than us.。”
“Is it a chanting person??”
“It certainly not。”
“That really don’t know,Blank。”
“I checked it.,It seems that it is not a common party。”
“How do you know that it is not a common party??”
“They have people there,Make him checked,Communist Party does not have this action。”
“Founger!There are people on the party.。”
“Small nine,The old six let me get these smoke halls.?”
“You will know in a few days.,Don’t start with your smoke in these few days.,Pause everything。”
“Tomorrow, this smoke hall is not burned.?”
“Don’t burn。”Rui Rui is worried that Zeng Ce will say something,
“That feeling,Small nine,I heard that you are with Wang Tianmu.?”Zeng Che,
“good,Take him is looking for you.,I have to be careful recently.。”
“Small nine,Since Wang Tianmu came Tianjin,If the bureau does not have any action justified,So we must assassinate Wang Tianwu。”
Now Wang Tianmu is an object of the military unwanted,Wang Tianmu Company has been reported,Military Tianjin Station should be a point reaction without being unreasonable.。
“I am coming to tell you this thing.,You can plan a assassination action,But only Xu gentle wound Wang Tianmu。”Ritual,
“Are there any activities in this side recently??”
“the day after tomorrow,I will pay attention to Pan Zhi, I Shen Xixin and the Expert Commission in Jolamen.,At that time, I will take Wang Tianmu past.,You look at it yourself。”
“Row,We will act in joy in front of the door。”
“That can’t,Because, according to my ability and my people you can not run away!”
“Then when will we do?”Zeng Shi Zheng Yao first,Xu Baichuan learned this little nine,Know that he is powerful,
NS400chapter I want to be a big drug lord.
Rui Rui, the way to kill Wang Tianwu in the way,If you are close to the assassination,SONG Jian Tang Rui and their ability killers want to get out too hard。
After the discussion is over, I will go back to the villa.,Mao Chuanxiu and waiting for him for a long time,See him asked:“Long Pool, this is alone alone??”