The old man said to Xia Jian mysteriously:“I think you just came out of the construction site,I want to find a living,Three streets from here,There is a Jingyuan fruit wholesale point,Where can you go every morning,You are strong,Can wholesale two blue seeds,Then go to the door of each district to sell,Earn a lot in one day?“The old man talks about the back,The sound is small。

This is a good thing!It’s easier than doing a small job on the construction site!With this information,Xia Jian didn’t dare to neglect at all,He was afraid that the two hundred yuan in his pocket would not last a few days。
When there are more people doing morning exercises on both sides of the riverbank,Xia Jian has washed his face in the public toilet,Just wait for the clothes shop on the street to open,Buy two clean clothes,He can go to Jingyuan Fruit Wholesale Market to find out,How about he dressed like this,Always attract strange eyes from passersby。
City people’s life festival is so fast,When the big alarm clock in Civic Square just struck seven times,In the street clothes shop,Someone has opened the door。Xia Jian specializes in asking the cheap ones,The shopkeeper saw that he had no money,So there is no random asking price,A blouse and a pair of pants,Forty-two dollars will be done。
Had a bowl of noodles at the stall,Settled my stomach a little bit,Xia Jian can’t care about the hard work of walking all night,Go straight to Jingyuan Fruit Wholesale Market。
City place,Inch of earth,Although it is a market,It’s a street of forty to fifty meters,There are dozens of fruit wholesale shops named XX on both sides of the street,There are various fruits in the store,It seems that it is not only wholesale but also retail。
Xia Jian remembered what the old man said,Not let him go to these stores,But wait for the fruit truck every morning,Only the wholesale from the fruit cart can make a profit。
a whole day,Xia Jiandu was shopping at Jingyuan Fruit Wholesale Market,Come and go,Where did you talk to workers,There is a middle-aged man from their Pingyang town,As the so-called fellow sees fellow,Two tears,Fellow surnamed Gong,He is here to help relatives,The salary in one month is not very high,But it’s also easy。
Old Gong heard that the kid in front of him was Xia Jian from Xiping Village,He can’t believe it,When I returned to my hometown a year ago,I often hear Murakami talk about how Xia Jian mixes,The people in Shiliba Village didn’t dare to provoke him,See a real person today,It’s not that way,But the person grows stronger,No three heads and six arms。
Old Gong heard that Xia Jian was selling fruit,Strong support,Under his guarantee,Got a tricycle from his relatives,But the prerequisite is that every morning,Xia Jian must wholesale his fruit,In order to achieve the goal,Xia Jian promised,He feels that his bad luck has passed。
At night,Xia Jian is in trouble,This car has,The fruit wholesale point is also agreed,But where to stay at night?Can’t go to the hotel anymore!This is less than a day,The two hundred dollars in the pocket are only over 120,This is the cost of fruit wholesale tomorrow!
Lao Gong is really good,Always accompany Xia Jian to practice tricycle after get off work,Don’t look at this thing as simple,Much harder than riding a bicycle,This is Xia Jian’s understanding,Fortunately, the emperor pays off,When the people on both sides of the river are almost gone,Xia Jian can already drive a tricycle by himself。
Old Gong wiped the sweat from his face,Asked with a smile:“Your kid patronizes training,Where to live this night?“
“Right here,Sleep on the tricycle,Blowing this river wind,Much more comfortable than staying in a hotel,right“Xia Jianyi is worried,Just say that,But he thinks he can only do this。