Ma Chuntao is afraid that the precious cow will hurt Xia Jian,Hurriedly walked to the middle of them in two steps,She said loudly:“Cattle precious!You have to rely on your conscience,Village Chief Xia was invited by someone from our village,Was invited to manage our village,As the village head,Of course you have the right to move your family“

“You stand aside as a woman,Be careful that the shovel in my hand does not have eyes“Niu Baobao looks like the world is not afraid。At this time, there are more and more onlookers in the village,It’s like watching a big show。
Xia Jian knew,This is the first confrontation between him and Zhang Yang villagers,If he loses,How will he start work in the future,He can’t handle both households,If there are two more,Then shouldn’t he go back to Xiping Village。
The situation on the court is a bit scary,Everyone looked at Xia Jian quietly。
Xia Jianyi reaches out,Pulled Ma Chuntao behind him,Then step forward,Speak loudly to the cow:“Listen well,I only say it once,Your family and Bruce Lee’s family must move,And unconditionally obey“
“why?Give me a suitable reason“A tall, thin man in his thirties came out of the crowd carrying a long wooden stick。No guess,This person must be Bruce Lee。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“I think you guys are so funny,Everyone scares anyone with these things?I ask you,Do you dare to hit people?Try it。But before hitting,First consider how much money your family has,And then prepare to go in。If you haven’t considered both,You should take back your belongings!“
Xia Jian’s two understatement,Make these people with possessions in their hands feel uncomfortable。
“Everyone listen up,The relocation of these two families is not for the sake of seeing the village,It’s about everyone’s lives“Xia Jian raised his voice and said。
Niu Baogui sneered:“Nonsense,Our family has lived here for generations,Are the dead in Zhang Yang Village related to our two families??“
Bruce Lee also shouted:“How many years,No one said that,And you did such an outrageous thing when you came,I’m not afraid that Zhang Yang villagers will drive you out?“
“Don’t scream here,Everyone in Zhangyang Village has a brain,Is wrong, everyone will judge。I don’t know the past,I only know that Zhang Yang Village has been hit by disasters in the past two years,And every time Xichuan River rushes into the village。If we design this alley as a spare flood drain,Will any village be affected??“Xia Jian asked loudly。
At this moment,An elderly man came out,He shook his snow-white hair and asked Xia Jian:“Are you trying to build a canal in our Zhangyang Village??you need to know,A village and a family are the same,It has its own watershed。If the river passes through the village,Zhang Yangcun’s wealth is gone“