Therefore, he also indicates that he is in the heart of the fear and despair.。

He doesn’t want to die。
Really don’t want to die。
He is the president of the spider,There is a great potential in the top circle of Hong Kong Island。
He has controls the fate of everyone,Look at them struggled in my hands,pray,Then died。
He is an omnipotent god。
He will make life,Let people die。
Even if this failed,He believes that he still has the opportunity to reunite,You can start the sun and the moon door,Then 狠 蹂 第二 The second night!
Such life,How can I disappear?。
No accident。
There is no miracle。
Hummer yourself from three hundred meters high。
Just touching the ground,Whole vehicle rumble explosion,Great fireball that turns into a ragoon burning。
Late night although the vehicle is scarce,But not。
And this sudden change suddenly attracted a harsh brake voice.。
Whether it is a vehicle driving,Still the car passing by the street,Stop,Many people get off and get off。
Summer is there without stalling,Unfold,Strike on the lane,Soon the overpass,Then stop a car。
Did not go to the Pearl Building,But straight to Qingyun Manor。
He sits on the back seat,Night scene looking outside the window,Brow,It’s like ordinary people look at the god outside.。
He did not revenge after the thrill,There is no more than killing。
this matter,Have not finished。
There is also a week。
But considering some factors,He is still uncertain, can not take a family。
after all,Recently this time,Gu Haizhong is dealing with Zhoujia with a legitimate business means,I don’t want to give him unnecessary trouble in the summer.。
All the way,Soon to Qingyun Manor,And I saw Gu Haizhong。
Summer has no guests with him,Directly open the mountain,“Need me to deal with Zhoujia??I can do it.,Only killing people。”
Sure enough, as he guess,Gu Haizhong almost did not hesitate to shook his head refused,Also,“Zhou Jia will give it to me.,And today’s business is very big,Three water will be black,Can be depressed in some means,But if Zhou family,Then I don’t say it.。”
“OK then。”
Summer nodded,In fact, it is still a bit uncomfortable.。