Li Hui Feng, this exit,Liu Mei’s face is pale。

She is the first time to think that Li Hui has to rent them later.。
And a year of 200,000,She feels that selling big cakes and mutton soup, one year earned money may have to take it from Li Hui.。
This makes her heart have a big drop.。
Li Hui also saw Liu Mei’s expression is unnatural.。
Some unexpected roads:“sister in law,What’s wrong with you?”
No,nothing,I will go back tonight to prepare for your brother.,Give you rent。”
“Hahaha scorpion,You are joking with me.?
Does your big cake shop have my shares??”
“My shares,You have to give me this house.?
Is it a lot of money?,I want to give me more.?”
Have Li follow the style,Liu Mei Xin Li is even more。
Li Hui looked at the other side,I know that the other party may be really scared.。
I don’t dare to say it immediately.。
He is really afraid to leave a psychological shadow of the other party.。
“sister in law,Your rent is free.,No need to give money,I will only give a divide into the future.,Other I don’t do it.。”
“correct,Who is the store in your opposite??
I don’t know how I don’t know.。”
Li Hui Feng This sudden transfer of topics,Let Liu Mei’s face is no longer so ugly.。
“Your parents make,But it seems to be the town secretary coming over, and the company has come to your dad.。”
“Their business is also very hot,Now they are all happy every day.。”
Li Hui said this,Not much more。
He felt that the double boat is over.。
He did not agree,I actually let those people open the store.。
This thing he feels need to say to the other side.,Indicates your attitude。
You can’t let others give you anything else.。
“sister in law,Then you are busy first.,I will go back first.。”
“Row,The nephew didn’t bother you.。”
Originally Liu Mei, I still want to keep the jar of Ru.。
After all, sometimes the woman’s pillow is more than the man’s words.。
If you can do a good relationship with Xu Ru,Her big biscuits rental problems and a lot of things,She still feels further。
Especially when I came to Lianhua Village. This is not a year.,She is also thoroughly felt the change of lotus village。
At the same time, I also understood the meaning of the words that Li Hui Feng said.。
At first, they can earn 10,000 million for one month.,Near the Spring Festival now,One month can already earn 30,000。
This is a thing that is dare to think before.。
But now everything is becoming a reality。
In particular, the school in Lianhua Village is also building construction.,Subsequent things have to surround lotus villages。
And the land of this lotus village,House,Basically, Li speaks with the wind.。
Think of these,She is more feeling that I need to do a good relationship with Li.。