Daughter Mu Mu started to know that love beauty,When Chen Linzhi went home to see this for the mother and daughter,Rapule a few words。

That night,I know that the little girl wants to see the star.,He is still arranged,Sitting on the next day to Hong Kong City,Looking for the opportunity to find spokespersons,The few things that make your daughter want to see……
NS576chapter Wangyu
Time entry2002year。
The research and development of smartphones has not started,But targeted technical patents,Has been mastered by Chen Linzhi。
Apple after privatization,I have released a one in FebruaryiTouch,It is the liquid crystal plus touch screen technology,Hand writing,Can listen to music smoothly、Watch,Can also be used to store photos。
Still is a closed system,With notebook、The synergy between desktops is higher,Is equal to a upgraded version,To this end, Chen Linzhi also specially acquired two companies that produce research and development audio and headphones.,Used to create a high level of sound quality effect。
These years,2GMobile phone has long been widely popular,In communication and terminal field,Give Chen Linzhi contributed a considerable profit。
Although it is not possible to accurately step on all key nodes,But as long as he thinks it is worth a project,Basically, grab it.,Cover all walks of life,Project 58,Single is the global headquarters of the newly put into use,There are more than three elite teams,Special responsibility to help him deal with various projects。
More people,It is inevitable that there will be messy。
Under the early years of developing the gold mine of Siberia,In fact, Chen Linzhi herself“purchase”Some finished gold,Total quantity is about 40 tons,Store in a bank in Hong Kong。
2002March,When conducting a regular internal examination,Unexpectedly found that ten tons of gold were violated,The fund has been violated into an empty shell company account,Disappear。
The same disappears,There is also a company executive,It is not enough for the other party.,After more than half a month, I will fall in the French Polynesian Islands.。
But the fund,Washing money、After the overhead of big hands,Only $ 50 million,There are more than 3 million US dollars to fly。
The trial is discovered,This 50-year-old senior high school is sick,Plus hands just have airs drilled,I want to be dying for a few years.,So moving the mind of stealing money。
The physical assets purchased can also be changed,But the part of the loss of money laundering,It is more difficult to chase it again.,Can only be discussed a little bit。
Recognizing Chen Linzhi recently relaxed,Once again, a lot of review activities have been started again.,Turkey all accounts and projects in the past five years,I really found a lot of problems.,Sufficient mouse warehouse、Trader is too large, etc.,There are also many examples from the company to steal money.。
Suitor,This reconciliation,Lu Lanhang will send more than 60 people to prison,To this end, Chen Linzhi began to think about the split family office.,Re-combing corporate architecture,I really have a little difficult to act。
no way,Too much business is too much,Need to get a while。
A global headquarters,Conception of the four branches,Just able to take the opportunity to achieve,Every company is inevitable, there will be a thief.,Chen Linzhi is no exception,Don’t care too much about it。
but,Chen Linzhi can clearly notice,Energy is getting not enough,So Zhao Bai Lu who just finished the maternity leave,Put it in the position of the Chief Risk Management Executive,Open independently with the internal audit department。
This is a small thing,Big events。
Qian Hao is found to have a female accountant,The other party actually tells sulfuric acid to destroy her.,Although Qian Wei is not hurt,But a bodyguard’s arm was spapped.。
Chen Linzhi heard the news,Rapida returned to Shanghai,Gao Bao met with him,Scared your mouth,Soon, I adjusted the audit team of hundreds of people from outside.,Beginning to the Mainland, also conduct a comprehensive check,Purchasing link controls the same market price、Comprehensively review the past personnel,Open anonymous report channel,I really find a lot of cats.。
The big knife is cut off.,Finally, it is still on the neck of high enlightening.,There is no problem in the economy.,But he is below,Pull out the radish to bring a mud。
I can only say this.,Gao Bao sat in the chairman of the chairman.,It is inevitable to be bundled by human relationship。
Chen Linzhi’s old feelings,Finally, I only transfer him to open a new market.,Lead the oil pipeline business,In addition, it has dropped a puzzle of the former senior vice president of Nomura Securities.,Is a 曰。
Discuss with some consulting companies,Decided to try to implement a round-war system in several key departments,The decision-making right is included in Chen Linzhi’s secretary office,Others are responsible for,Trying to avoid corporate diseases often have frequent companies。
As for money。
Be amazed,The mentality is still good。
For the mad secretary,Look at the tens of millions of RMB engineering,Will definitely be judged,Chen Linzhi has greeted him for this.。
The problem is just a small number of people.,His boss can’t do everything.,Give power to others,Of course, it is easy to go out。
This round of review,It is estimated that it can be safe.,High praise,It is inevitable“Unloading killing”such as,In fact, Chen Linzhi is also very difficult.,But this old friend is indeed bundled by your own.,It’s inevitable to be bundled when regulating,It’s confused。
Light is the steel procurement of Lujiazui Yiyi Item Project,There is three or more yuan in the accounts.,The price of batch procurement is actually expensive than the market retail price.,It is good to have no problem in quality.,The supervision is extremely strict。
Chen Linzhi specially found several teams cross-regulatory,This step is right.,Otherwise it will definitely make more moths。
Review more than five months,Chase 4 million US dollars,Most of the number of people sent in Chen Linzhi be more than 500,The highest level is a deputy general of the Hong Kong Castle Branch,Sold in several low-priced sales of the company after paying the benefits,The report letter from the secretary。
Review is not much affected by the company’s business,Waiting to the dust,already2002Year of summer vacation。
And Anna Tasia and the children,Go to her Bonz Island。
Also at this time,Lujiazui’s three skyscrapers finally capped,Walling glass curtain wall,Oil pipeline from Guadar to Kashgar,It is also a plan,When I decided to start construction。