He Wei said,Put the leg on the sofa,She almost lay on it。

Xia Jian looked at this He Wei who was reluctant to speak,His heart is a little overwhelming。Although he and He Weiming fought secretly, this has been several tricks,Every time she He Wei almost did not take advantage。But the situation is different now,Because He Wei is good at managing interpersonal relationships,She woven a big net。
These construction industries in Bucheon are almost inextricably related to her。Even the hero of the thief has become her partner。Because Xia Jian listened to Wang Lin’s introduction,He Wei has several projects in hand,Are cooperating with Xiongji。
He Wei leaning on the sofa,Keep stirring the coffee in hand,It’s been a long time before she smiled and said:“President Xia!Tell the truth,I’m really not convinced of you”
“Ha ha!I know this。There are more people who are not convinced by me,You are not the only one。You still talk,What’s the matter with you keeping me down?”
Xia Jianyue asked anxiously,This He Weiyue deliberately sold Guanzi,She just refused to say。
Time is passing slowly every minute,Xia Jian kept looking on his watch,But these ten minutes is a bit long for him。He regretted that he shouldn’t have told Zhang Teng that it was ten minutes,It should be five minutes。
“President Xia!Have you always misunderstood me?”
He Wei slowly straightened up when he said this,It looks like she’s coming over。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Can’t talk about Mr. He。The relationship between the two of us is a business friend,Where does the misunderstanding start?。How about this!I think you drank too much tonight,Shall we talk another day。you know too,Awesome,I stayed with you too long,If there is any lace news,,I’m a married person, it doesn’t matter,But it’s a big trouble for you”
Xia Jian said and stood up immediately。
He Wei laughed and said:“President Xia!you are so brilliant,It’s just that you are a bit late。You shouldn’t agree to come to me。Now as soon as you go out,The entire channel is full of reporters”
“Mr. He!what do you mean?”
He Wei glanced at Xia Jian,She slowly stood up,Then nudge the lotus step,Slowly walked to Xia Jian’s side。The good shampoo smell on her body suddenly came。