Crackish,The blood flowing out suddenly burn,Timed into a raging fire,Suddenly, the airflow that is destroyed in the earth is emerging.,This airflow directly into a spear attack to Lin Feng’s head。

“This attack is strong ten times.。”Lin Feng faintly glanced。
His eyebrows appeared in a swirl like a star cosmo,The swirl is floating a dream-like white round celestial body.。
The spear directly disappeared in it.。
This scene makes the desolate tongue。
Lin Feng did not speak,Directly punched in the wild head,Suddenly emit a scream,His skull cracked,Lying on the ground, dying,Cannot resist。
With the ruined heavy,Some members of other criminal laws have killed。
Fish and Hanyu and the stone big sea color,Lin Feng is too hot.。
Lin Feng went up to open the Hell Dan.。
“City owner,This is……Crime!”Stone Overhare shaking down。
“Your gallbladder……Big bag!”Was crazy, watch the criminal law of the criminal law。
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Chapter 1,478 Slowness is notble
“audacious in the extreme?”
Lin Feng smiled and looked at the destruction.:“Desolate,What else do you say??”
“Your end is very miserable。Please search for everyone()Most!The fastest update”Was wildly staring in Lin Feng,His mouth suddenly took a cold smile:“I have notified no brother.,You can’t escape,Don’t say that I don’t give you a chance.!”
“Ha ha,You have too much,!”Lin Feng haha smiles,His figure is sitting in a chair:“Even if he is coming,I am like him.!”
Snort:“Unlikely,If you sneak me,This seat can make you succeed!”
This is still thinking that Lin Feng shows a conspiracy to attack him.,Although he doesn’t know what means,But it is still thinking that if it is a single,He does not lose to Lin Feng。
“Surrounded with you。”
Lin Feng is sitting on the chair,Watching rhinoceros,His big hand suddenly reached out,Five fingers grabbed the desolate head。
Unseaful,Want to resist,Unfortunately, no,A mysterious radiance is coming out,This light is always worn,Now,future,It is the power of the hand of fate。
It’s so fast and completely lost resistance.,After a moment, the face revealed respect,If you dream of dreaming。
When I want to stand up and greeted,But ushered in Lin Feng’s gaze,Lying on the ground,He took out a medicinal medicine。
After a moment,Wild face is normal。
A terrible breath swept,I came to the door of the Criminal Law.,This shadow dragon row,Magnificent,The owner of this body is nothing。
Did nothing to bring a person,He is cold,Appearance,Carrying hands,When I saw Lin Feng sitting on the seat,Was crazy discoloration slightly cold,Face change is more cold。