“okay,If you don’t worry, I am not worried about me.!I will definitely protect the girl.!”

“Since I decided to go.,Not going out。I have to wait until the middle of the night, I will go to the door.!”
“This is gone!”
Niu Niu found his grandparents cute funny,Mainly Su Yupian loves to provoke Su Grandma,I have to let people go back!
“grandfather,Do you say that Lin Grandpa will agree with us to sell things??”
Niu Niu took the hand of Su Ya’s hand and walk slowly,
“What if he is not willing?,Then we have to sell it yourself.。If you go, you will be a bit trouble.,Others are fine。”
“how,This hasn’t seen the grandfather, I have no confidence in myself.!Who said that I have vowed myself at home?。”
“I don’t understand Lin Grande.,What if he drives us from his home??”
Niu Niu is really thinking about this,Their subconscious think that the selling flowers are the lives of women.,How can a man do this?!
“Your small head,What do you think about every day??Your grandfather is very temper.,And how to get angry, you will not be angry with you.!”
“Most,It is your grandfather, I am being embarrassed.!”
“Really?He will only be grandfather?”
“How to listen to my grandfather is still happy, you are still very happy.!”
“how could be!I will definitely feel the grandfather.!Let’s take a hurry.,Waiting for the grandfather to sleep, it is not good.!”
Niu Niu quickly shook his head denied,How can this matter recognize?!Isn’t this a reason to let him train himself?!
Although I am not very likely to be trained,But this kind of thing is still better to kill in the cradle.,More peace of mind。
“Your most popular!”
Yeather, the grandfather touched the head of the girl.,
“do not worry,Your grandfather sleeps so early。At this time, I am afraid that I am busy in the cowshed.!”
In farmhouse,Cattle is a precious thing,Are careful,What surprises occurred。
Niu Niu’s face is surprised to look at the grandfather,How do you know that Lin Grandpa is busy in the cowshed??
Grandpa Sui will not say that he has already heated,Seeing Lin Grandpa’s head in the cowshed。Niu Niu, the worship of the worship, is deeply pleasant to Su Ye。
“You think about it,When you say something, when you say something?!”
“There is a time you say milk to cook corn.,But milk is not boiled。”
Niu Niu is very serious, I think of a thing and tell it.。
“When did this happen?At that time, you are still small.,It must be wrong.!Forest brother,I will know that you will definitely not sleep.!”
Niu Niu has not received the refute,Grandpa has already opened the topic.。never mind,I will remember it.,Grandpa is happy!
“Niu Niu?Su big brother?How do you come at this time?!Looking for me something!”
Grandpa Lin quickly came out from the cowshed,Open the door,Let the grandchildren come in。