“We will complete the ancient weighing as the owner。”Yamoto 鸠 兹 神 激 激 着。

Other scientists such as Krevo also expressed loyalty,Go all efforts to serve Lin Feng,Strive to complete the ancient weighing industry。
“If the four continental four,In the future, history book will leave the name of your top ten scientists.,Reverturify your great achievements。”Lin Fenglang laughed:“I will also provide you with an unprecedented stage.,How much can you show?,Just look at your own skills。”
“Thank you!”
At this moment, Torsem is also kneeling on the ground.,Each excitement is more than,Especially when I heard the future, when I left a penny.,More exciting trembling。
“Leaf old,Xu Lao。”Lin Feng and turned and laughed with Ye Tiancang,Xu Fengli greeted。
“President!”Ye Tiancang and Xu Feng Lissed two have gone.。
“Xu Lao is responsible for the business of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,Ye Old Assistant Piendon is responsible for vacuum nuclear technology。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Piendon?”Ye Tiancang and Xu Fengli two people surprised。
“He is the leader of the flower flag on Mars。”Lin Feng smiled and explained:“He has now returned to China.,Prepare scientists in some missiles,Come together!”
“missile?Ha ha,Great。”Ye Tian Cang heard the laughter,Look excited,In this way,It’s like a tiger。
“President,rest assured,I must go all out.。”Ye Tian Cang also respectd the road,He knows that he is not good at this.,Good in Lin Feng arranged his,It is also the best aspect.。
“That’s good。”Lin Feng heard the words:“When is this nuclear base to be built??Where is the construction??”
“Western side of the PM。”Ye Tian Cang explained:“The facilities are relocated,Very fast。”
“it is good,That’s good。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Be sure to secretly!”
“President。”Ye Tian Cangdao:“There is the base there,There is also the masters of Huangquan secretly guarding,Miss people pick people,Once an abnormality appears,It will also be directly smoked.。”
“They gave you ten。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Ten seniors,Lin Feng is here to give you here.,Please stay.。”
Talk between Lin Feng bending。
“Owner,useless。”Tols Trumpe。
“Owner,useless!”Yamoto,Charlie Man,Dolo et al. And others have also changed。
“Ten old men,Have a cause,I don’t have a way to do this.,Ten seniors’s pro,I promise you,Protect them,Now the four-China four-day wind change,It is about to usher in a global war,Also welcomed a large era of ancient times,New era。”
Charlie Man,Dolo,Tolsmut and other ten people heard the slight motion,Then I also rudely:“Owner rest assured,We must go all out!”
“it is good!”
Lin Feng heard the thoughts:“Leaf old,Take ten old men in the past。”
“Yes!”Ye Tiancang respects,I immediately emerged a powerful freighter,This truth is swept away,Directly wrap the ten figure in it.,Then there was also a powerful airflow on the wind.。
This airflow directly wraps those black water mite in it.,Then Ye Tiancang and Xu Fengli two people looked at Lin Feng micro.,Lin Feng smiled slightly。
Ye Tiancang and Xu Feng Lei’s figure will disappear directly from the sky.,Jiang Fishing Village and the night are also in the jungle.。
Lin Feng looked at the void for a long time,Then turned and returned to the shore of the Nether Cold pool.,He has no deliberate practice,These days have accompanying their families to eat,Accompany the night cold,Tiyin Yao,Sichuan Luo Sakuo,Sometimes I will accompany you to tell the practice。
Days of the day。
Since the last time the last change,There is no big action again.,However, Lin Feng knows that this is the quiet before the storm.,Seven continent four more calm,The more violent。
Lin Feng accompanys night cold,Tiyin Yao,Chuanao Luo Sakuo walks by the lake,At this time, the mobile phone of Sichuan Luo Sakuo suddenly sounded.,She opened her mobile phone,Pretty face。
“What is going on?”Lin Feng smiled and asked。
“Here,finally come。”Sichuan Luo Sakura laughed:“Brother-in-law,Some people want to marry me。”
“marry you?”Lin Feng Wen Yan:“Who?I killed this dog day.!”
“You look。”Sichuan Luo Sakura laughed:“This is the news from the midnight aliens.,Say that I will go back tomorrow.,Talking about and white bear Empire Bur family marriage,It is good to say that a strong person of Ber family has a good impression.。”
“Ber family?”Lin Feng is cold and looking to the distant North Road:“I haven’t going to find them.,They want to move my woman?it is good,I am going with you.,This account should be calculated.。”
His eyes are calm,But with a thrilling murder。
The things on Mars are also in the eye,If the Sakae Island Luo Sakuo reminds,I am afraid that he Lin Feng will see the king of the king.,Do not,There is no chance to connect the prince.。