The owner of this sound is a man,His shape,The face is tailored to the face,Right sharp as a knife,His face with a sword mark,Add a bit of killing。

This person is not someone else,It is the god dragon to teach the master of the day.。
A small day of the four small days。
Trendy day with a man wearing a duck hat,This tongue hat is the god dragon to teach the old old.,Lime gathered did not disclose the identity,But a little hide some,Unless you are familiar with him, you can see your true identity.。
“Brother,You come too。”The blood is slightly smiling and standing:“Come,Cup of tea。”
NS221chapter Gambling
“I am here to be a private grievance.,Gamble,Come out,Don’t be like a dog nest!”蛟 天天 背 双,Between the fertility。
He looked at Lin Feng at the bottom of the heaven.。
“Oh,Since it is a private grievance,I will not intervene.。”Sitting and sitting down,Lying on a chair,He wants to see Lin Feng and the battle of the day.。
“Daily day,You are the brother of Thailand?”Lin Feng also stood up,His figure greeted,The eyes are staring at the day。
“good,Lin Feng,I will give you a chance now.,First,Release the deceps on my brother,Second to teach us Shenlong,Apologize in the face of today’s people。”Daily day carrier double hand:“Third from here。”
The taste of the 蛟 天天 当 当,Tone with a command。
His voice is very harsh,Extremely spread over the foot of the mountains of Jinlong Mountain,Many people have been around here。
“wipe,蛟 天天 coming out。”
“day,Trendy day and gambling god forest,I rubbed,This is what it is?”
“brother,Just come back abroad.,I tell you,Yesterday, God Lin Feng killed the elders of Shenlong.,Then, the younger brother, Thailand, squatted on the ground.,Shout master。”
“I rubbed,real or fake?On the site of the East China,Do you actually pour the gods??”
“Be no,And it’s a slap in the palm of it.。”
“wipe,This Lin Feng is really too domineering.。”
“I am afraid this time I can’t come out.,You all see it.,The person who stands around the day of the day of the day is like a blue sky.。”
“蛟 蛟 天,My day,Is this big 佬 神 神 教 教 教 大??”
“It should be him,day,This is a strong person who is a half-step level.,Legendary existence,Twenty years ago, the character of the vitality of Donghai。”
“This gambling god is big.。”
“This day is too overbearing.,Come up and put forward this few overbearing conditions。”
“Let’s take a look at Lin Feng how to pick it up.。”
Many onlookers have,Among them, there are many other great treasures.,These people wanted to see this game last night.。
Your Lin Feng killed an old old age.,Calling the son of Shenlong, shouting the owner on the ground,This is simply a face of the dragon.,I heard that some masters of the Shenlong Club last night will overtight East China.,I didn’t find Lin Feng’s trace.。
Now meet now,Iron Ding a battle。
Lin Feng listened to the mouth of the day, showing a smile.:“Daily day,You should be sent to the mental hospital.,Let your mother take medicine tomorrow.。”
“Ha ha!”
“I rubbed,It seems to be played.。”
Many people are young and laughing.。
蛟 天天 阴 阴 is like water,His scorpion is revealed:“Lin Feng,You are a self-finding road,Don’t blame me!”
Talking about the horror of the sky,An overbearing momentum rises,This momentum has a feeling of swallowing mountains in the sky.。
“Oh, daily day,You want to fight?I am spending with。”Lin Feng’s figure greeted,His body has a powerful breath。
Finger,Only my alone。