“you……”Liu Qingqing gas,The sound is helpless and angry,Bite,“you win……I want to be a transaction with you.。”

Tell this sentence,She is like lost all the strength,The whole body is leaning on a chair。
“This is right,People should speak well。”
Summer is immediate and eyebrows,The change is fast,Re-sit down,Some of the gods is a bit of joining and charming,“What transaction,tell me the story。correct,Since it is a trading,I should have a remuneration.……”
Look at this face,Liu Qingqing really wants to use high heels to step up。
This is the first time to confront to people。
Most important,Is the kind of IQ rolling,Let her http://www.haijs.cn have a feeling of frustration。
In fact。
Since the summer acupuncture cure the old man,Liu Qingqing gave birth to let him continue‘Temporary boyfriend’Idea。
And not to say that the other party gets the family’s identity in just a short time,It is his magical acupuncture.,Also let Liu Qingqing can’t let him go。
Who knows that the father will not be pregnant??
She has just been strong,Nothing to take action,In the end, the two sides are not equal.。
This is no wonder she,It is really Liu Qingqing’s character.。
NS010chapter Farewell to the past
Since become the chairman of the Baihua Group,Liu Qingqing has always been very strong。
Regardless of the language or the momentum is very strong and active,Whether it is still considered a problem,I am used to self。
And she has a talented woman with a good night.,I always think that I have some privileges。
Especially after a series of achievements,Such privileges will be unlimited in unconsciousness。
She can reprimand without concern,Can look forward to the review,Because she has such qualifications。
But I didn’t expect it.,Not really fault,But by the other party unreasonable.。
This makes her have a fist to play in cotton.,Cheeks fever,Even a kind of crazy anger。
But I have to hold back。
“Since you replace Lu Dong,Then continue to be my blockman,I give you 100,000 rewards every month.,Time is a year。”
“it is good,I agreed。”Summer is very happy,Almost no consideration。
Liu Qingqing hesitated,I am inflating him.,“Who are you?,Will n’t it be unknown?。”
“Hey you said,Both buddies, a right person。”
Say,Summer touched a red document from your pocket on the table,“Look at。”
Liu Qingqing 蹙 蹙 蹙,Pick up the documents,The above line of big words are out of light。
Commissioner veterans!
“you……It’s really a soldier.?”Liu Qingqing is a bit surprised,Open the document,Looking at the photos inside http://www.nashistudio.cn and introduction,Take a look at the summer。
“This will not be a fake certificate.?”
Summer,“If it is not a soldier,Can I talk to your grandfather??”
Liu Qingqing does not speak,I didn’t continue to entangle this topic.。