And the morality is dropped,Stay God,Reward flush,Also moved。

The calm naturalness of morality,Also stabilizes the internal structure of Shenjing。
But see chaotic gods a little bit,Incorporate morality。At the same time, the Taoist does not stop the method,Play a treasure,Start and chaotic god fusion。
Time passed every day,Rao is a man’s mana,Under this long high output,Also gradually tired。
This chaotic god crystal inquiry nest thousand years of essence,Universal。
As a result,Taoists are getting more and more expecting the treasures that are about to practice.。

the other side,The body that has closed the door to open your eyes,The eyebrow is now in the sky,There is a trace of faint blood color,More, in the dark and dark。
Big black sky vibration。
Amazing gods,God climb,Su Chen enters unprecedented realm,Help the goddess of the gods seven days,And it is really grasping this realm,The door of the congenital gods is in front of you,He can go to impact。
But Su Chen lives to suppress this impulse,Now I am impacting the congenital gods. It is just a congenital god.,But one thing he entered the gods nine,Reply to the first day of God,That means it is different.,Step in the first day of the world,He can have a wrench wrist with the Yindier。
certainly,Take more。
Yue Emperor is accumulated in Taiyi.,Like Tonglong,And Su Chen is just a dragon that has just been meteorological.,It’s too much in the bottom of the other side.。
Su Tu Di is powerful,The more you understand that you are terrible,Too little mistake at the time,He may fall into another extremely passive ending,Even dissipated。
This is also his 异 异 异 异 异 异 异 错 错。
The more like this,The more confirmed that the Qing Dynasty is very large.,Take it in too long for so long.。
The large number of robbery,Nature is difficult to estimate,Su Chen asked the unparalleled road,Situately。
Big black day,Thunder and lightning。Countless purple lightning polyge into Lei Pi,Purse Su Chen。
His breakthrough,Actually, I will drive Tianlei robbery again.。
This is the number of robbery,It is also a creation。
Big black sky,The moon of the west,Such as long whale water absorption,Involved the thunderous light of Zijing Tianlei,Subsequently, he poured a mysterious breath.。
A round of black big days on the high-shine magic body,The big day is the most dark horror,Scene-like scene in the scene,Similar to the original red dust hit world、Destroy,Thunder destruction,I am out of Su Chen。
Existing destruction,Self-cultivation。
God’s body is immortal、Extraordinary。Cyan,Spit out endless pure energy,Medium and destroying gas。
But seeing the big black to regain half,Black and white,Intertwined,Establish extraordinarily。
And the body of the gods took out black smoke,I will completely dissipate it.。
The moon of the west,In the top of the big black sky Kunlun Mountain,Su Chen is sitting,The space of the body becomes unreal,And the skin gives birth to the light of the moon,Unreal space,It seems like a variety of,Divided black and white,Source of all things。
This breath is stirring out,The whole big black sky is infected,Edge void continuous soil condense,The scope of big black days is constantly expanding。
The sky in the sky is getting more and more,Among them, the beautiful sun and the moon are more and more。