“Brazed beasts attracted to largest,There are only more than 50,Never appeared in the case of the first wall。”

“So our place where we live relatively,safer。”
Apricot is correct,Siberia’s area is more difficult。
Second crash,The car of the air is directly led to countless collapsed beasts occupying the entire Siberian.。
Otto is even,Wash the ground with nuclear bomb in this area。
At that time, although Sepilia took http://www.jzsmg.cn his best to guard some people.,But unable to erase all collapse beasts remaining in this area。
So compared to all parts of the world,The frequency of the collapse of the neighboring area is much higher.。
Because of the long-term interference of the collapse,The people here are also very war.,The adaptation of the collapse is also stronger。
If this collapsed energy concentration and collapsed frequency are placed elsewhere,Such a small child like an orphanage,Estimate will be more。
Because of weaker,already2000At the beginning of the big collapse dead。
Apricot is turned off the automatic fireless laser weapon,Open the gate gate。
Although there are small collapsed energy reactors in the base,But not so waste。
In the past, when I met a small-scale collapsed beast attack.,Both apricots and several big http://www.tai-cang.cn children go out to solve。
After all, Siberia is very long.,Energy savings is a little。
Base door open,Apricot and other three children go out。
Roshalia and Lilya followed,They don’t have more problems in their two awareness,I also think about the one hand in front of my friends.。
Bronia also went out,Help to solve the crazy beast。
May be a mood or other reason,Bronia will call the bunny directly.,Give a strike against the collapse of the beast。
Hanjiang looks at Hiier’s interest,I stayed with her for the original place.。
“Really doesn’t have an attachment to the orphanage?”
Hi Jian doesn’t want to take care of Hanjiang。
There is an attachment to the orphanage, and it is the little flower watch.,I have no feelings for the orphanage.。
In addition to giving you a child, Hi Lier must take care of,But more good feelings are there is no bit.。
Cocauria is good for children,That’s because she has adopted a lot of orphans.,Gave them a place where they live。
Adopted child,The ability to have the ability to collapse,The difference is that the control ability is so bad.。
But Canoliania regardless of the heel of the orphanage,Just say that the apricot is willing to play with Bronia,So I did so too much.。
But as the manager of the orphanage,She didn’t know anything before the incident.?
So it is difficult to say that Cocauria is for children.,Still for yourself。
It is very thoroughly,In addition to Bronia,Who doesn’t want to take care?。
Not even if the orphanage has children to stick to Hi.,Who can Himier get along??
She is the relying on His.,She is a person who is more accompanying time.。
Not to mention,Endi Jer admitted that she can also call her.。
This is a bit 拗 拗,However, people think that in addition to Bronia,Xier is better with yourself.,No need more people。
Um……This is a person who is divided into Hez and Hibia,Can also be reluctant to get along。
After all, you will always stay in the heart of Hi.,Occasionally breathable,Still have a chat with a chat。
otherwise,Worried by my sister, I’m not good.。
By the way, you can give Hirs.,I am not a lonely person.,It is also people who can talk.。
See the stinky face,Han Jiang raises his hands:“All right,All right,I should not ask.。”