“spring!This is impossible”I was shocked.。

“Nothing is impossible”Quan Yuxi left Xiao,Not ready to keep this secret。
But it seems that the long door does not expose his identity.。
The face is mixed on the face,He now does not understand the spring.。
Unified world?
But he can take directly to the long door.,At that time, the door trust him.。
Treatment to the long http://www.szcrogkvrgfuqj.cn door,He has a lot of opportunities。
And why do he want to restore the body of a long?,Give yourself a hindrance?
“so it is,It seems that you didn’t destroy my experiment.,Spring, you can hide”Big snake pills are also complex。
He finally knew that the body of Spring was from where the body was coming.。
“Thank you,Otherwise I can’t make such a perfect body.”Springs recover。
“What do you want to do?!”Drink soil。
He feels that he is completely caught in the conspiracy of Spring.,Even the entire endurance is so,And everything is as if it is seen。
“Significance of the Sky Parliament,Do you want me to say anything to you??I don’t have to see it.,Anyway, you can’t join.”Spring does not matter。
With the territory, I don’t believe that the spring is more than the Sky Parliament for the shit.。
He must have a deeper purpose。
Quanyi looks at their expression knows they do not believe,But the fact is really like this。
Some things are just a spring, don’t want to do it.,So I brought them so many doubts and guess.。
But look at their expressions,Spring is still http://www.lyjinfu.cn a burst of comfort。
After all, it is a long time.,It was calculated for so long.,Now I finally turned to him.。
“All right,Talk to chat,You should roll,But before leaving,To send you a gift”
The eyes of the spring becomes blue,Then three dark blue hooks appear,Finally, it turned into a blue hand sword form.。
“Blue writing wheel!Or kaleidoscope!This。。This。。impossible”The earth is shocked.。
“Is his space capability??”Big snake pills look at the eyes of the springs。
Seeing them all put their eyes on their own eyes,Spring smile laugh。
Then give you a surprise。
“Don’t be god,Rays”
Trusted three people suddenly felt that the eyes of the sputum were erected with endless light.。
But then it is,Unparalleled pain,This ray is hurting their consciousness。
Among them, the big snake pill is the most http://www.will-power.cn tragic.。
“what。。。。Spring,I’m going to kill you”The big snake miserable scream came out。
Black and white body,There has been completely lost consciousness there.,Let him frown。
Write the write wheel of variation??This spring is really special。
The springs at this time have disappeared,And the black is to see him from a cave escape.。
But they can’t chase,It’s useless to catch up.。
Later,The land is also standing up.。