As a cultivation, nearly 10,000 years,Have a long-hazy level,How can I be speech?。

But she needs to keep this mood time.。
It is also a special road she repaired.,One of the way,Get into the road。
“Henghui,Accept,I have no other meaning……”
The smile on Henghui face slowly converges,“If you don’t do anything else,Please return it back。”
Torson’s mouth,Quite embarrassing。
He knows that Heng Hui has been a long time.,Nature knows what kind of person she is。
“Then you must be careful。”
A saying,Leave Ray,Turn back。
After walking more than ten meters,Brow,I feel that the ancient river behind him.。
“What’s wrong?”
“team leader,look。”
The face of the ancient river became ugly,Signative Torson。
Look down,Eye Hawran,Flooded cold、fierce、Bright。
That Nirvana,I also went to Henghui,When I arrived,The two don’t know what is low.。
Torson’s fist is cleared,噼 噼 节。
“Henghui teacher,Send you a gift。”
Summer quickly touched your own storage ring with Henghui’s storage。
Heng Huiyi。
Review,Amazing again。
“Isn’t this the fire jade you bought in the army??What to do for me??”
Summer laughing,“This is no longer called Firey,Call。”
Heng Hui Yu Wei Wei,“How is it called??correct,What do you send me??”
Summer road,“You have given me three thousand black stone arrows,Also send my skinny,Those fire jade is my return to Henghui.。”