Night,A golden big hunch on Shenlong Mountain is drilled out,And Lin Feng’s figure has also been coming out,A scarlet nepher came to Lin Feng’s side.,Lin Feng smiled and picked up this apiarid.,This is what is his magic。

After Lin Feng, the golden big hop disappeared on Shenlong Mountain.。 When I was bright, I went back to the moon lake in Zhongzhou City.,The golden big tack is directly in the moon to teeth lake.。
Lin Feng returned to the villa to change clothes.。
“Brother-in-law!”Lin Feng just changed his clothes and came out.,A pleasing sound of the sound,Come is Wang Xinyu。
“Xin Yu,It’s so early?”Lin Feng smiled and said:“have you eaten?”
“Exercise,I have already eaten,My brother-in-law didn’t eat it.?I am going to prepare breakfast right away.。”Wang Xinyu smiles。
“Xin Yu,work on your businesses,Don’t worry about me。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Will you practice with your cold sister??”
“Uh-huh,I must learn to learn。”Wang Xinyu is a little bit:“Brother-in-law,Or I will help you prepare breakfast.。”Talking between Wang Xinyu smiled and left.。
Lin Feng helpless,He stands at the door of the villa。
“Congratulations, the spring of the big brother is coming again.。”At this time, the voice of Dongxing is coming.,Dongxing, this burden,A smoke,Don’t have a machete in the waist。
The whole person is like a street blending.。
“I don’t use your heart.。”Lin Feng did not be angry:“She is Wang Ting’s sister.,I naturally treat her as my sister.。”
“Hey-hey,Big brother,He is fine.?”Dongxing laughs。
“fine,Yellow Quan’s magical power wants to assassinate him,I was solved from the road from the road.。”Lin Fengyun’s light and light explanation。
“Thank you big brother。”Dongxing Zong。
“Less nonsense,Brother,Why is it。”Lin Feng said:“Moreover,He is a chamber of commerce,I can not protect him.,Tell your wife,Do not worry,I have taught him a set of gods.,If it is cultivated,Even the strong people in the face of the half-step sky can fight a few times,Then escape。”
“Big brother,No matter how I have to replace her, thank you.。”The truth of Dongxing。
“All right,My big thunder, you are also learning,Your identity。”Lin Feng Jingjing:“Other brothers,Wait a come back and learn again.,Or you personally go overseas to learn them,Matters,Can only pass a part!”
This is even leaked some essential improvement,Such as the content of the martial art,There is no effect on the speed of the half-step gap.,Can only assist the quench meat shell。
Relative to the disclosure of these things,Lin Feng is more in the safety of overseas brothers,Make a big chance to live in life and death crisis。
NS305chapter Refining
“Big brother,You really decided?”Dongxing looks。
“Decided,Brothers’ safety and exercises,Both I don’t care about these safety。”Lin Feng smiled and patted the shoulder of Dongxing:“Moreover,Segmentation to teach them,And what is your secret??”
“Big brother,makes sense,I am used to practice,I am responsible for supervising this church,Once you find a person who is disclosed,Kill innocent。”Dongxing laughs:“Unmanaged,Even if I want to be killing personally。”
“good,Be sure to formulate strict rules。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Some of the rules of some big families are more harshe,For example, Tang Jia’s Ming Yuxi once leaked,He has strict disciplined people from the top three generations.,Directly be arbitrarily abandoned by Tang family,The content that leaked out, no hesitation recovery。”
“Not only Tang family,Any family and great forces in the world are like this。”Dongxing explained:“Big brother,How about this,I have helped five elderly quench body these days.,I control on the ground。”
“You can manipulate?”Lin Feng heard the surprise。
“Big brother,do not underestimate me,I am at the Citi National Massachusetts Institute of Polytechnic.。”Dongxing proudly:“My education is the highest in our chambers.。”
“Depend on,real or fake?”Lin Feng heard the way,Your sister,I look at a street scorpion,Actually at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Top Ten Martial Arts?
“Hey-hey,Big brother,I still have a certificate.,In fact, there are more people in our chamber of commerce.。”Dongxing laughs:“Several grandfather has graduated from Huaxia University.。”
“Got,Hit people,Come,I passed the god to you.。”Lin Feng smiled and said,Nowadays a blue light curtain。
“it is good!”Dongxing 言 微 微 点。
I immediately passed the Da Riyin knife method to Dongxing.,Dongxing is in mind,He only masters the realm of half of the epitope.,After all, the realm of Dongxing is there.。