“Mr. Kakasi,My sincerity is enough.,Your mission is also completed,No more I will help you.”Spring said faintly。

“Yes,Our mission is completed,It does not have the necessary,Meng people go”
Kakasi’s hardships in the hands。
Kakasi holds the Naruto,Then looked back at the spring。
“I don’t know what the name is.,Can you tell us?”
“You can call me a big man”Spring said seriously。
“Forehead”Kakasi,What ghost name。
“Puff puff。。Hahaha,How can I say that I am a good person?”When the Naruto suddenly couldn’t help but。
“kid,You are really cute.,Do you want me to be a good person?,Send you a way”Spring is staring at Naruto said there is no tone。
Cartieson blocked the nunpeak。
“Excuse me,Your Mightiness,Children don’t understand”
Kakasi knows some ninja to kill all the year round,So I have some quirks.,One but suffering,I will immediately shoot。
Naruto is also nervous,He didn’t expect that the consequences will be serious。
“never mind,I still have something,No mood management,White,gone”
Springs,On the bridge railing,Then I will jump directly.。
White is looking back and not,In the hands http://www.byccwsd.cn of a print,Suddenly, a gust is around him.。
The two also disappeared。
“call,Finally gone”Kakasconson。
“Naruto,look at you,Almost just sin others”Xiao Yaki immediately pointed with the head of the Naruto.。
“knew”Naruto is somewhat frustrating。
“All right,Task has been completed,Our cultivation,Go back to the village.,Cough”
Kakasi is holding two couges。
“Carti teacher,Are you OK”Sakura is tense。
“fine,Chakra consumes too much,let’s go”
A few people walk,Sasuke looked back and saw the place where Quan Wei is standing.。
“One day,I will become the power,Then find you”
Chapter 13 silent
“All right,Just here and he say goodbye.”Spring stop,Turned to look back in the back of the side。
“How to kill me?,Hahaha,That’s more time, white is being educated so obedient.,Is it very powerful?”Don’t laugh http://www.leimingmianzhichang.cn again。
He lost his hand,Also lost the meaning of living,He asked him to die。
Bai So’s put down and not,Put the big chief in his side,Then take the next side to stand quietly and look at it.。
“hehe,Do you want to be white?,I won’t save you.”Spring。
“Why didn’t you think about retaliation?,Or, grab it back here,coward!I have no hand, I will become a coward.,It’s really ridiculous”
Spring suddenly became suddenly silent, and then he continued.。
“You are a winner,How to say it doesn’t matter”I don’t think it’s faint.。