Destiny seems to take a circle,Enter the next round。

“This is the case。”
Single gongo is sighing,Hold Gao Bo Yi more tight,She seems to have been completely recognized.。
Just when two people enjoy sweetness,There is a bursting in the outside!
“Mr. Gao,Our ship is surrounded by a group of battles.,They seem to have to board the ship!”
Soldiers said whispers on the suspension window.,I don’t know if some of the sounds in the warehouse have not heard it.。
“wear clothes,Get up,I check you。”
NS482chapter Injury
“Who are you?,Late night to Xiangyang,Accessible book?”
A man full of Jianghuo spoons rather than Yan Yan,Jump to the boat in Gao Baoyi,Slightly a little hardship。
“Man,Nap fief。”
I don’t wait for them to answer,The other party shouted a sentence。
Gao Biyi doesn’t light this,The fire on the boat is too far away and not taken.,Both sides can only see the appearance of the moonlight,Unclear。
Fishery is lit,When the other party looks at the face of the high Bohai,Excitement:“High-governor!We finally wait until you.!
At the next class, Wang Lin, Wang Lin, is the present.,The emperor’s emperor is still the Emperor Xiaozhuang,I have been inspected on the river around Xiangyang,Drive the thief,So they avoid them to govern the governor,Now I will still go back to the intersection.!”
This person is called Lu Na, not Dongjin Jiangdong Lujia.,Wang Lin’s beloved hard。
When Wang Lin was suspended by Xiao Ji,As Long history,Directly rebellion。
Must not,Xiao Xu only sent Wang Lin,Let the other party to the city to persuade。
Wang Lin arrived,Lu Na is crying to open the city gate,All-in-one。
to be honest,Gao Boyi sometimes feels very magical,This personality charm,I am also very likely to do it yourself.。
afterwards,Lu Nag is no longer a military,Become the captain of Wang Lin’s pro,Although he repeatedly,It is dismissed and reluctant to rise.,Dead-collapsed guard in Wang Lin。
And Wang Lin’s person,View to Gao Boyi also presents two poles。
Some people think that Gao Baoyi is like a fox,Hardware,Laughter,Wrist。Never believe。
Representative of Sima Panzhong under Wang Lin,But these people have no evidence,After all, people who are Haojiayi have made Fuyang City.,This credit is better than gold。So they have always been the mainstream sound。
And another wave of people,It is believed that Gao Bao is a rare integrity in this world.,Deep。
Among them, this Lu Nag is the largest.。Gao Bo Yi let Jiang Ling,Let Yangyang’s move,It is quite in the beginning of his life for Wang Lin.,Hao Miao, a word of Jiu Ding。
This Wang Lin will come to the Gao Baoyi’s quite good Lu Na,Obviously, sincerely worried about Gao Baoyi’s safety。
These intelligence is naturally known to know,How can he not know what attitude towards Wang Linzhao will be!
“Lu General,Military urgency。Duan Yu’s 2 million troops are not for small Northern Yanyun County.,Take me to see your Wang Yuxi.。”
North Qi Dadao Chen Binghuai River,Pair of Northern Zhou Dou Yi,Wars。
Wang Lin, is not a blind man,Naturally, if you are watching this。
Lu Nai’s face:“My family is also worried recently.,I have a deep concern that Liu Yuzhou Liu Bei is,Just waiting for the high-end supervisor to be a few 阳。
Please come with me.。”
“not busy,Bring a family,Enter the city。”
“Gao Capital!Yang Changshi Yang Su is so young, so openly,In the future, it is unlimited.。”
Lu Nai praised Yang Suyi。Like Yang Suo so older,Being contact officials to other forces,Processing everything is well。