Sometimes I have to admit it.,Even some big collections have inherited the millennium,Still deteriorate。

The ancestors of the ear,Be a great man,A generation of generations pass,Also will fall into the custom。
In fact, there is a historical history.,There are many examples of such examples.。
Changsheng Gate is the same。
No one dares to negate the great achievements of long-lived doors。
Over time,Generation generation,It is inevitable that it will deteriorate。
Or,People have always changed。
“Old man,Please answer me three questions。”
Gano to the previous step,Aggressive。
The old man and the ear can be caught in a silence,Everyone’s face is very ugly。
at this time,Suddenly sounded sound。
Someone is applauding。
Bamboo!Everyone finds a look。
I only see the eaves on the left side of the distance.,Alone。
I don’t know if it is coincidence.,The day of the summer and the Oriental Sun and Moon are also hidden in the house.。
I only changed alone at this moment.。
And this person is otosus。
See him,Everyone is all discolored。
Everyone’s face is endless。
Never thought,He actually appeared again.。
Summer one pair of eyes,The eyes of Gano flashed。
Confused with the ear,Anger,Complex!Especially the old people who have a cane,A heart fell sharply on the bottom of the valley。
Think here,He is drank,“Ear!You dare to come back!”
Laughing laughs,Stand above the eaves,Holding a high view。
Finally fell on Gano,“Don’t be Gano,It turned out to be the transparent analysis。”
Say,Old man,“Three uncle ancestors,Since you have arrived on this,We don’t have to cover up,Kill them a clean calculation。”
A piece of。
“you……”Old face,Full of anger,“You are less in there,You are you,The ear home is ear home!You are not Xiao Chi……”The ear is not angry,“Three uncle ancestors,Since this,Why don’t you answer the three questions from Gan?,Why do you want to push up the upper place??”
“you……”“Big brother!”
Ear Junhao’s eyebrows are equally anger and anxious。
“Jun Hao,No you here?,You are all in the bureau from beginning to end.。”
The look of the ear is full of cold,Immediately sighed,“Three uncle ancestors,Popularity of the elder,There is also hidden in the dark,Early Eight of Ear Old,Please listen to me.。”
When the field is suddenly quiet。
Everyone is staring at one direction,Looking back in the figure in the eaves。