Wanchao, Unicom World! The 21st Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Development Fair opened in Wuhan

[Font:] On the occasion of the victory of the 19th National Plenary Session, on November 16th, the 2021 overseas Chinese entrepreneurial development negotiations hosted by the Hubei Provincial People’s Government, the National Office of the State Council, Wuhan Municipal People’s Government. Opening. This "Hua Chuang" is based on the theme of "Wanqiao, Unicom" as the theme, combined with the normalized epidemic prevention and control situation, adopting online, offline combination, opening ceremony, Wuhan Forum and series of special activities, help Implement new development concepts, build new development patterns, and unity and unite the majority of overseas Chinese to share the Chinese dream. The Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, Ding Zhongli, Chairman of the Central Committee, attended the opening ceremony.

Pan Yue, deputy director of the Ministry of Central Committee, Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, gave a greater role in the opening ceremony, and played a greater role in helping national rejuvenation, promoting people’s hearts, promoting civilized mutualization. Pan Yue attended the opening ceremony of the "Hua Chuang" in 2021 and sent a message to Xinwang Jun. Founded in 2001, he insisted on Hubei, serving the national, serving the country, China Unicom world, wide unity Overseas Chinese and abroad and study abroad, actively create overseas Chinese participation in national development strategies, develop their own career, condensed backcomes, to promote overseas abroad, help reform, and promote the platform of Chinese and Western civilization.

The "Hua Chuang" has a wonderful point of view 1. The excitement of this "Hua Chuang" meeting from November 15th to 17th, the opening ceremony, Wuhan Forum, Key Project Signing Ceremony, 8th "Huachuang Cup" entrepreneurial competition, "Hua Chuang Club" 11th Anniversary Exhibition (Online Exhibition Hall) and Optics of Optics of Optics, Hubei and African Science and Technology Cooperation, "Overseas Chinese Talents, Helping to Build a National Science and Technology Innovation Center", Biology Pharmaceutical, international education cooperation, Haizhong Hubei, Li Shizhen Chinese Medicine International Health Forum, Hubei Products "Going out" promotion, Overseas Chinese Development Forum, Hubei Province Country Revitalization Characteristic Products and "Jingchu Premium" Professional Exhibition, Project 16 special events such as Live Intercommunications, Overseas Specialization Club, the theme highlight, distinctive features, rich in content. The 8th "Huachang Cup" Entrepreneurship Competition Award Ceremony 2. The results of quality and efficiency have been tired. This year, "Hua Chuang" is 1731 global issues, 120 contract projects, and the total contract amount is nearly 70 billion yuan, whether it is the quality of the project. Or the size of investment is higher than in previous years.

Among them, 77 projects have been investing more than 100 million projects, and 20 projects have been investing more than one billion yuan, and 30 lead-investment mentions projects are centralized at the opening ceremony.

The project covers biomedical, modern manufacturing, IT optical electronics, energy-saving and environmental protection, modern agriculture and other fields, and realizes the significant results of recruiting talents, investment promotion, and cooperation.

2021 "Hua Chuang" key project signing ceremony 3. Innovation Office will be exciting to help rural revitalization activities.

Take the line, the line is combined in the form, hold the Li Shizhen Chinese Medicine International Health Forum, Hubei Products "Going out" promotion, Hubei Province, rural resonance characteristics and "Jingchu excellent products" promotion, etc., through online exhibition hall And on-site exhibition, showcase local agricultural and sideline products, special resources, and consolidate the poverty reduction. Use the Cloud Interconnection Technology Innovation Office.

Opening, Wuhan Forum, key project signing ceremony, etc., in the main venue, is held in the "live broadcast + network synchronous online live", and the main venue invited more than 400 people at home and abroad. At the same time, there are also 16 special activities such as Optical Valley Chemical Innovation, "Overseas Chinese Talents, Helping to Build the National Science and Technology Innovation Center", take line, offline combination, and overseas Chinese can participate by scanning QR code "Yunhua Chuo". Review the process of prospecting the future to build a cloud.

At the 21st Anniversary Exhibition of the "Hua Chuang" website, the basic situation of the 21 years, achieved results, etc., reviewing the development process, looking forward to future prospects.

The road block is long, the line will arrive, the line is not until the future, the future is available. Let us wish the "Hua Chuang" fruitful and continued to brilliant! .