"It is party member to serve everyone" (I am a Communist Party member)

Original title: "It is party members to serve everyone" (I am a communist party member) high tower, the worker is undergoing steel cutting and sparking. Zhu Chunqing carefully passed through the channel between the scaffold, found a safe location, took out the mobile phone to shoot the elevator construction situation, and started the "live broadcast" in the WeChat group.

As a secretary of the party branch in Tang Cai Community, Tangjia Dunjun Street, Jianghan District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, and the 70-year-old Zhu Chunqing is not busy with the building. Revealing the experience after running before, Zhu Chunqing opened the words … The consensus has begun to start from late October last year, and Zhu Chunqing will seek neighbors to add an elevator. In the first phase of Xiangjiang Garden Community, the second phase was built in 2000, and the five-six-level house did not load the elevator. In recent years, Wuhan City has introduced preferential policies in the installation of elevators, and seven elevators have been installed in the community. The neighbors said with Zhu Chunqing: "Our building is also equipped with the elevator.

"According to the regulations, the old building installed the elevator needs 2/3 owners agree, and each owner needs to express the unbursed. Many one or two layings will worry about the lighting, noise, etc., even if there is no need to invest, some often say be opposed to.

When Zhu Chunqing was the director of the Commission, he followed several buildings to run the relevant procedures, and he knew that the installation of the elevator is difficult, but he still agreed.

"As long as you really think about each household, this must be made.

"Zhu Chunqing said." Chen Dado, you have been in 80 years old, and is definitely looking forward to the elevator? " "Zhu Chunqing thought that the legs and feet were not too spiritual, and the family lived on the 5th floor and the old couple will definitely promise. I didn’t expect that Chen Yu is difficult.

Look at Chen Yu has a concern, Zhu Chunqing patiently understands the situation.

It turned out that the owner of this house is not Chen Dado, but his son. I have persuaded Chen Yu for a long time, Zhu Chunqing finally contacted his di Yan Yan, explained to her, explained the reasons and policies of the installation of the elevator. Several communication, Ms. Yan is very touched, not only agree to the capital, but also hot: "The community will need your enthusiastic person!" Program ", please come to meet, to discuss two things: First, choose a family Elevator company; Second, discuss the cost of assessment.

"After realizing the" zero opposition "of the owner, in the face of more cumbersome work, Zhu Chunqing turned his living room into a temporary" meeting room ", please consult the neighbors to formulate specific solutions.

"I learned the situation of three elevator companies, for everyone to choose." Zhu Chunqing was distributed as many asked information that had already printed it, while explaining the situation of the elevator company previously examined. The advantages and disadvantages of various companies, Zhu Chunqing is about the chest, and it is very clear. After discussion, the elevator company is selected. The long-standing discussion is the cost assembly problem.

The higher the floor, the more money, the more consensus, but how is it? From the "step ladder" to the "coefficient method", the neighbors put forward two programs, but because the calculations were more complicated, it did not conclusion. When it is uncertain, Zhu Chunqing wrote painting on paper, surprised to discover a solution: "30,000 yuan on the third floor, 40,000 yuan in the fourth floor … minus ‘agreed but not participate in’, plus It is exactly the quotation of the elevator company! "Listening to Zhu Chunqing’s explanation, everyone worked, unanimously passed the way the cost-sharing approach, said" this method is simple and practical ".

"The installation of the elevator is an important people’s livelihood, but it is difficult to do this, the difficulty is not small." Tang Cai Community Party Committee Secret Ji Fang said that "Zhu Shuji is so smooth, the key is that he does not forget that you are a party member, usually Serving everyone, there is prestige in the masses, there is a cohesive force. If you want to do things, you need a leader. "After submitting the information to the Jianghan District Government Service Center, the approval of the installation of the elevator is very fast. However, can do hundreds of thousands of yuan to install the elevator is not a small number, who is responsible for keeping it? Everyone discussed, unanimous decided "to be Zhu Shuji". In order to live up to the trust of the neighbors, Zhu Chunqing opened a new account, special offer, and time reported. And the elevator company signs contract needs to be careful. Zhu Chunqing issued the format contract text to each resident in advance, please comment, but also a friend who retired from the Hanyang District People’s Court, a careful review of the contract terms.

"In the format contract, each household only gives only 3 elevator cards, but some residents reflect 3 not enough.

There are also residents to show that if the elevator is installed, the unit door is removed, there is a safety hazard.

"In order to meet the demands of residents, Zhu Chunqing and elevator company negotiated, and finally increase the terms such as elevator card and recovery units according to the number of households in the contract. The construction is exactly in Wuhan’s plum rain season.

When the rain, the road at the door became a muddy trail.

Sliding the old man, Zhu Chunqing found the road to spread the road.

Whenever the worker is working in high altitude, he also reminds: "Pay attention to safety! Someone will stop when you have passed!" The trivial darling in the community is cost-effective, sometimes it is still not good, for everyone Do you do this? Zhu Chunqing said: "It is a party member to serve everyone.

Although I have retired from work, I will never retire it as party members. In the community, you can also serve the masses.

"People’s Daily" (June 04, 2021) (Editor: Zhang Jingqi, Cui Xinyao).